Thursday, November 10, 2005

Get Out Your Boots, the BS is high!

Well, in Article Hate's email update they distort the truth about a couple of things this week:

Ed Flynn: 8th out of 8 candidates for 4 at-large Boston City Council seats.This really hurt. He was the only pro-marriage, pro-life candidate (and veteran) of that bunch. The rest all caved in, one way or another, to the gay agenda in Boston. We figured that the legacy of his father, former Boston mayor Ray Flynn, would help. But unfortunately, (1) he had an anemic, underfunded organization and (2) his campaign didn't get the pro-family forces involved until it was too late. (We made sure that 44,000 Boston voters got phone calls on the last day, but that was about it.) Click here for election results.
My opinion, the legacy of his father had a definite effect on his humiliating defeat. The old man's a rabid anti-gay activist and the son appeared to be a chip off the old block. Having Article 8 devote a lot of its "radio hour" to the veteran couldn't have helped either (whenever Article 8 supports something, most rational people back off which could prove helpful when they end of supporting the Voteonmarriage people. The fact that Ed Flynn's campaign photo looked like a mug shot was a negative too, afterall this isn't Texas.

Texas overwhelmingly approves constitutional amendment banning gay "marriage".There are still some places where sanity can be found. More than three-quarters of Texans who went to the polls Tuesday (76%-24%) voted to approve a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as only the union between a man and woman.
Yeah, Texas is real sane, it gave us the current President of the U.S. and Tom Delay, the indicted former speaker of the House, go figure. Additionally, the KKK was heavily involved in this anti-gay marriage amendment too. I guess this must be sanity that Article Hate is talking about.

Voters in Maine vote NOT to repeal radical homosexual law. This past spring, the Maine Legislature passed the most radical homosexual "rights" law in the country. It makes it a crime to discriminate on "sexual identity or expression" (i.e., a man wearing a dress, etc.) in the whole range of public and private spheres of life, including the schools. This is one of the homosexual movement's huge goals. The Christian Civic League of Maine forced it on the ballot, but the repeal lost 209,126 to 171,446 (55% to 45%). The homosexual lobby's next goal in Maine: gay "marriage."
They go into such detail about how the "Christian Civic League of Maine" was outspent and how the pro-gay media helped and all the outside organizations that were involved, blah blah blah, lots of excuses. Plain and simple, the people of Maine did not want to discriminate, period. And how come Article 8 is always using this "man wearing a dress analogy"? What about women wearing pants, that's cross dressing too, what happened to equal rights for men?

They (and the Concerned Women of America, you know, an out of state group) accuse the Pro-equality forces of using "smear tactics" and "dirty tricks". I guess linking an amendment banning discrimination in employment and housing to same sex marriage isn't dirty tricks at all(well not in these bigots eyes). All of David Parker's appearances did nothing to help them either or did they...? Thank you David! Speaking of Mad Dad:

Well, they brought David Parker their studios in New York for a 1 pm appearance on Fox's "Dayside" TV show. About noon we got a call from David. He was getting bumped for some breaking news. Apparently, a house blew up back in Lexington (not David's, thankfully!) that was already making national news. So that was that.

They said they'll bring him back down to do it again, maybe next week or the week afterwards.

Wasn't it a week ago that the same thing happened when David was scheduled for "The O'Reilly Factor"? Bumped for a hurricane. That's show biz. Stay tuned.

Bumped...hmm... are you sure it wasn't a pro-gay Fox News producer or maybe...God? A faithful reader writes:
Regarding Parker getting bumped... I taped "Dayside" and while I only fast-forwarded through it, I didn't see any mention of the Lexington house explosion and fire. They had time for a puff piece about "sexiest" people. In the segment, they put the head of one of the co-hosts over a picture of a body builder (for humor, I guess). So it wasn't that a major news story kept him off the air. Also, weren't they saying one or two newsletters ago that David Parker couldn't testify at the H1050 hearings because he couldn't take off any more time from work? But he can go down to New York on a Wednesday?
Ah, does the distortion of truth ever end?

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Anti-Klan said...

Let there be no doubt: the Ku Klux Klan was a big supporter of the Texas constitutional amendment; and a quick web search will lead anyone to the articles documenting the Klan's big "pro family" efforts including their rally in Austin.

You know, even if a person believes that their opposition to gay people makes sense, you would think that being on the same side as the KKK would give a person some pause for concern.