Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I Just Called To Say I Love You!

It's taken me a bit but I finally got around to listen to Brian Camenker on The Christian Education League's podcast (it's titled Homosexual Totalitarianism) and let me tell you, if you like lies and deception, you'll love it!. I guess Brian must have phoned right after the ConCon ended so Mike Heath of the Maine Christian League could get the "scoop" on what happened. Throughout the podcast Brian tries to link himself alongside MFI as part of the"pro-family movement" in Massachusetts (when in reality no other so-called "pro-family" group in Massachusetts will even mention their name never mind link themselves to Massresistance/Article 8/Brian Camenker.)

On the whole podcast, it's pretty lame, it's really more of the same. Same old stories, same old references, he must have used the term "gloat" about 20 times (OK, I'm exaggerating, I think it was 10). He admonish MFI for putting forth the marriage amendment they did and claims it didn't pass because it was weak when everyone, including MFI, knows that they put forth that amendment because an amendment nulling all marriages since May 2007 would be unconstitutional. Then again, Brian still expects the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court judges to get removed and that his bills will get voted on, reality has never been one of his strong suits.

I laughed when he even got in a plug for Mad Dad himself, David Parker. He dropped the "David Parker got arrested" line. (BTW, if you want to catch some recent pictures of Parker click here. Massresistance, clueless as ever, posts a picture of Parker with his interpreter and only manages to insult the interpreter as seen on the right.)

There is also a line at the end of the podcast that made me laugh. Michael Health, the guy who made the podcast, tells Brian that he should probably let him go because Brian probably has other "media" to talk to! That one had me rolling on the floor!


Anonymous said...

Brian {hearts} Mike.

Marcie said...

Just a comment on Mad Dad's trip to PR. Massresistance says that Parker received a "hero's welcome" yet Parker needed a bodyguard? That doesn't make sense. Parker looks like he's packing on the pounds too.

Mass Marrier said...

It's pretty plain that Parker was a gimmick in PR. The local group, la Coalicion Ciudadana en Defnesa de la Familia, apparently flew him in as spokesmodel. They seem to be kind of a Mass Family Institute anti-gay bunch.

This is similar to Maine's Christian Civic League bringing him in to gain votes to overturn the gay-rights wording added to laws.

This could suffer the same fate as the Maine effort. He comes to the parties pretty much empty handed. His failed efforts to control school curriculum don't provide any credibility or correspondence with civil unions or same-sex marriage.

The amusing aspect is that people in Portland and San Juan have to turn to him to try to rally their troops. There are many noted people -- straight as well as gay -- to speak in favor of marriage equality, but there's poor little Davey who will speak against equality.

Boo said...

Good post, but I'm curious what method you used to be contacted on your blog by your future self 19 days from now...

David said...

There are many noted people -- straight as well as gay -- to speak in favor of marriage equality...like Michael Glatze?


"In my experience, "coming out" from under the influence of the homosexual mindset was the most liberating, beautiful and astonishing thing I've ever experienced in my entire life."

"Homosexuality took almost 16 years of my life and compromised them with one lie or another, perpetuated through national media targeted at children."

"I believe that all people, intrinsically, know the truth. I believe that is why Christianity scares people so much. It reminds them of their conscience, which we all possess."

"Healing from the sins of the world will not happen in an instant; but, it will happen – if we don't pridefully block it. God wins in the end, in case you didn't know."

Make a personal Declaration of Independence from homosexuality.

The Father still loves and seeks you. Have a happy and safe 4th brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

Note that Glatze isn't claiming to be straight...he's supposedly celibate. He basically has made a very public leap back into the closet.

He wants a book deal out of it.

Boston Bud said...

Oops, I initally got the date wrong! Thanks Boo for pointing it out.