Friday, June 16, 2006

Further Update on Article 8/Massresistance's Mannequins

The Boston Herald reported today on the letter sent by an executive from Macy's to the two GLBT publications in Boston apologizing and admiting their mistakes and saying that the mannequins were pulled because of miscommunication and not pressure. The last two paragraphs of the article caught my eye and is most interesting (and funny):

Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance, the conservative group formerly named Article 8 Alliance, which launched an Internet and e-mail protest against the store urging a boycott over the window, insisted it was his group that prompted the action.

“They definitely bowed to our pressure,” Camenker said, adding that he plans to send more e-mails urging supporters of his group to boycott the store chain because of Klein’s letter.

"And if I stamp my feet and hold my breath until I turn blue..." What I find funny is if you contrast that with them talking about the gay community calling for a boycott. This is from their June 13th email update:

As the Macy's incident continues to make news not only here but, we're told, now in Europe, the fun continues.

One of the interesting aspects of this is the complete fit that the homosexual community is having over it, which seems to us quite out of proportion to any rational reation. A major homosexual magazine, The Advocate, has called for a national boycott of Macy's because of YOUR show of force!

So using their logic, Article 8/Massresistance's boycott is because of YOUR show of force! Congrats!

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