Thursday, July 5, 2007

Are They Trying to Get on WRKO?

Here's another post by Amy that took me a few days to get to: Gregg Jackson on Homofascism in Massachusetts. Do you think Ms. Massresistance likes this Talk Show joke from WRKO just because he mentions Brian Camenker in his post which she copies:

The Cradle of Liberty is now the Cradle of American Fascism. Persecution of Christians is the next step. People who believe the Bible and don't accept the doctrine that homosexuality is normal and natural began years ago. Brian Camenker, the main Massachusetts critic of the gay agenda, has been viciously persecuted for years. His radio program was taken off the air a few weeks before the legislature's tyrannical vote. ... Funny. That's exactly what the communists do when they takeover a country: silence critics....

Of course I looked for a disclaimer or a correction on Amy's Blog to refute this paragraph but couldn't find anything. You see the reason I'm looking for some kind of note is because just a few short weeks ago, OK, more than 6 weeks ago, when Brian and Amy got booted from WTTT they blamed it all on Mitt Romney:

Mass-Resistance RadioShow

WTTT / Salem Radio has announced that it has permanently canceled the MassResistance Radio Show, after nearly two years of continuous weekly broadcasting.

Information from a Salem Radio source leads us to believe that pressure from the campaign of a certain Republican presidential candidate whom we've widely criticized prompted this decision.

Full report coming up later this weekend -- including what you can do

Maybe that right wing Christian Radio Station was an advocate for Same Sex Marriage all along too, Brian & Amy are right again! It's all a conspiracy!


Anonymous said...

I've commented here enough that I think you know my feelings about the MassResistance Twins, but--omigod--on the Romney point here I think I'll defend them.

Given (1) the nasty stuff the MT have written about Willard and (2) the right-wing tilt of WTTT, it seems totally plausible to me that Romneyite forces contributed to the demise of MassResistance: The Radio Joke. If I were a Romney staffer in Massachusetts, I'd certainly try to lean on WTTT to boot 'em.

So I dunno--I think the MT were quite possibly right about that one.

Of course, it's still hilarious. As usual for those two.

Anonymous said...

It could be true, however, Amy wants people to believe that they now got booted because of Brian's anti-gay slant not going after Mitt Romney.

They want to have it both ways, Maybe they're Bi?

Anonymous said...

You know, people like them do belong on AM radio- at 3:30 in the morning, between some hucksters pushing echinacea on men over age 75 and young fire-and-brimstone preaching lunatics....