Friday, March 24, 2006

Another Heterosexual Christian Marriage Ends in Tragedy

This just in from CNN:
Slain minister's wife to face murder charge, officials say
I thought this whole story sounded strange when I first heard it, a pastor shot to dead, the wife and 3 daughters missing... The 31 year old pastor was found dead on Wednesday.
Winkler was hired at the Fourth Street Church in February 2005, said Wilburn Ash, an elder at the church. The congregation quickly came to love his straight-by-the-Bible sermons. Church members also took to his wife, who they described as a quiet, unassuming woman who was a substitute teacher at the elementary school.
I'm sure there's a lot more to this story than meets the eye. What drove this Christian wife to allegedly kill her minister husband? It is beyond sad for the children that their father is dead and their mother is held his murder.

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ryan charisma said...

This is very upsetting. Let me get this 'straight' - so to speak. A heterosexual activist female murdered her heterosexual activist husband. UnGodly and disturbing. I'm very concerned for her children. As a matter of fact I would prefer that my children not be around married heterosexual women as the all are murderers obvioulsy. I swear, I will march into a school and be forced off the property before I allow my children to discuss married hetrosex females. I even saw a billboard with a pratically naked woman on it embracing her hetsex partner. Disturbing. Now, obviously this woman on the billboard was intending to murder this man. Because said article obviously shows me that all heterosexual activist women are killers. I think there should be some legislature somewhere to protect my children from people like this. I would like an "opt out" clause regarding heterosexual married females. They obviously can't be trusted and have an agenda.