Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Arc is Swinging!

Lots of good stuff happening this week and it's only Wednesday! Gosh, I don't know where to start, here are things you don't typically read in the MSM:
New Hampshire house votes down proposal to ban same-sex marriage
The New Hampshire House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. The late afternoon vote was 207-125 against an amendment, which would have added a definition of marriage as a union of one woman and one man to the state's Bill of Rights.
Me thinks if the Righties try to use same sex marriage as a wedge issue this year with all the other horrific stuff going on in this country they are in for a BIG surprise. Hear that Gov. Willard?
A new poll suggests gays and lesbians are gaining greater acceptance in California, even if same-sex marriage isn't.
You can't turn back the clock. Moral people, you know the real Pro-family types, really do not advocate discrimination against people. This whole adoption thing that the "Christians" are now trying to pull over on the American people is just not going to fly.

In Utah:

Gov. Jon Huntsman vetoes three measures on last day

The governor also vetoed HB 148, sponsored by Christensen, which would allow biological parents to terminate their child's relationship with third parties, such as step parents, grandparents or gay partners.

Huntsman said that in some cases, those third parties might have been involved in raising the child since infancy.

It's spreading even in the most conservative states!

Spitzer Endorses Gay Marriage

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has become the first candidate for governor in the history of the Empire State to publicly endorse same-sex marriage - even though he is currently in court defending a state law banning gay unions.

Amazingly, in our own state, where same sex couples can legally get married, only one candidate for Governor has come out for marriage equality: Deval Patrick.

Gay Unions Are Not-So-Dangerous Liaisons, New Data Show

“It’s surprising on the one hand, but also reassuring,” Elder says of the results. “Gays and lesbians who aspire towards the symbolic and real material benefits of marriage are no different from other people who aspire towards domestic stability and material comfort. They are middle class; they want the stuff of a middle class lifestyle. These are not people who are ripping the fabric of America.”

And there's so much more!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it's progress, but someone form Article8 is debating someone from MassEquality tonight:

Forum on Marriage Equality
Thursday, March 23, 2006 7-9 pm
Thomas Crane Public Library
40 Washington Street, Quincy, MA

Anonymous said...

Here's a report on Camenker's recent speech at Brandeis.

Not surprisngly, Camenker's version fails to mention his gay bashing:

The final topic was homosexuality, although the purpose of the presentation was not to be gay marriage itself. Camenker touched upon the sense and rationality of the existence of queer resource centers, the lack of finding of a “gay gene” by scientists, and comparing homosexuality to alcoholism and pornography addiction. He elaborated that there is “something wrong with colleges telling you this is ok.”

Camenker's version also fails to mention that most of the audience, not just the "silly gay protestors" walked out. Truth is an annoyance to a man with a mission of hate.

Anonymous said...

Camenker's take on the "Forum for Marriage Equality" is even better. Not only should gay marriage be outlawed, we shouldn't even be discussing it. No, he's not a bigot.

What this really brought out. Let me tell you this: At first this seemed like a worthwhile exercise. But after two hours, there was an eerie, surreal nature to the whole thing. Suppose that twenty years ago you had told someone that one day you'd be participating in a public discussion about the merits of men legally marrying each other. The person would not have thought you were merely eccentric. He would have thought you were out of your mind. The concept itself is madness. And no court decision or PR campaign can change that.