Friday, March 24, 2006

Bon Voyage MFI!

I think I've found the place for Kris Mineau and the people at MFI to vacation. It's a place called Kanab and it's in Utah. Even though it mainly a Mormon Town, I think the anti-gay folks over at MFI will feel well at home (from Jennifer Dobner ASSOCIATED PRESS):
In January, the City Council in the overwhelmingly Mormon community of 3,600 unanimously passed a resolution in favor of the "natural family" consisting of a working husband, a stay-at-home wife and a "full quiver of children."
I would highly suggest the the anti-gay folk mosey on down to Kanab because tourism is expected to be down this year:
The resolution struck some as homophobic and sexist, and stirred talk of a Kanab tourism boycott, which won the endorsement of syndicated travel columnist Arthur Frommer."I think they know perfectly well this is a smokescreen for discriminating against gays," the New York City travel guru and guidebook author said Wednesday in a telephone interview.
I guess they don't care for adoption either, cause gosh darn it, adoption just ain't natural! Neither is grandparents raising the youngens! Luckily it's too hot to have gay penguins! At least some in the town were against the resolution but the City Council let the measure stand.

Visitor and Arizonan Al Moss says it best in the article:
"I can't understand in this day and age how a group could even think about something like this," he said. "I personally won't go back, and I think there will be a lot of people like me who will see the problem."
Hey Al, we got more of them here in Massachusetts too and we're thinking the same thing.

UPDATE: It seems that a teenager took the Mayor of the town to task for the resolution in a home town newspaper article. What did the Mayor do? The Mayor went after the student by firing off letters to the Kanab High senior's church leader and the Kane County School District superintendent. More to come...


Anonymous said...

MS. Massresistance is on vacation. Perhaps her coven is gathering in Kanab?

She did leave us with with last lie before she left. In today's rant, she says:

Alain's Newsletter ("conservative, Christian, and politically active"), is being blocked by Google from its news engine. Alain explains this is censorship -- based on Google's opinion that the content of his newsletter is "Hate Speech".

Even Alain and the other christian sites lamenting this report the truth, for example "Active Christian media" says:

Alain’s Newsletter, has been rejected by Google News because of “hate speech”.

Google has failed to define what “hate speech” they are referring to. Could it be that some columnists speak out against Islam, or homosexuality?

The site is filled with hate-filled rants against liberals, gays, science, Islam, Hillary, the EPA and the French.

Here's an example "urgent" news item from last week:

Please let the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco know that you will not tolerate having our children stolen and adopted out to homosexuals.

Google is correct - this is not something which belongs in Google News. You can still find the site through Google.

Interestingly, Alian's appears to be where Amy is "borrowing" many of her wackier and hateful ideas. I'm sure it's just coincidence that they recently published an article called HOMOSEXUAL PROPAGANDA – PART V: “SEXUAL ORIENTATION”

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute -- Amy seems to have borrowed her stories about being victimized by homosexuals from Alain.

From Alain's Newsletter:
A few years ago I was attacked by two homosexual men in Pasadena California. I have a two inch scar on my right arm from the knife they cut me with.

I also have had my home broken into, walls punched full of holes, furniture shredded and loving messages about what homosexuals were going to do to me, and my son (two years old at that time) spray painted throughout the interior of almost every room in the house.

Unless the attackers were wearing Prada robes, how did he know they were homosexuals? Same with the people that broke into his house. Is the assumption all people who do him wrong are gay?

Anonymous said...

I was only joking, but it appears that Ms. MassResistance really was at a meeting of her coven:

We recently attended a great conference in D.C. on the war on Christian values here in the U.S. You know who is behind the assault: the activist judiciary, the ACLU, assorted "progressive" liberal politicians, the abortion lobby, the homosexual lobby, Unitarians and other assorted secular humanists, etc.

Interestingly, their Godly action list has several greed based actions:

6. Protect property rights.
8. Secure just taxes through tax reform.
9. Secure our national borders.

I'm having trouble remembering Jesus' words regarding taxation, but something about "rendering unto Ceaser" comes to mind.

I'm also certain they meant to include the death penalty in the list below:

4. Secure our God-gifted right to life [vs. abortion, human cloning, human embryo research].

Or maybe not.