Wednesday, March 8, 2006

The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling!

What do you do when you throw a "Mr. Hetero" contest and nobody cares? You sue to make more headlines (from World Nut Daily):

A Massachusetts pastor who organized a pro-family event called "Mr. Heterosexual 2006 "A Celebration of God's Design" is suing the city of Worcester for requiring him to pay for the cost of police protection" $6,200 based on the city's assumption protesters would show up.
The guy was probably hoping protestors would show up, what do they they about a tree falling in the forest? Of course Article 8 can't just sit on the sidelines, they got something posted on AgapePress yesterday:

The group Article 8 Alliance reports that those entering the rally in Mechanics Hall were subjected to "airport-style security searches and other things which no other event at that hall ever requires." Also featured during the event was Jonathan Owens, a 22-year-old former homosexual who shared his testimony how a relationship with Jesus Christ had led out of that lifestyle.

Alliance president Brian Camenker says Christians throughout the nation should be outraged and concerned.

But Brian's big quote was at the end:

"This story hasn't ended yet, believe me," he says. "But this is the kind of infuriating thing that is happening in Massachusetts and is probably going to start happening around the country ... when these gay activists decide that they want to close down Christian events that they don't agree with."
Haven't we heard this before? Like about a million times! In just about everything Article 8 puts out, he's Chicken Little "The sky is falling, the sky is falling" Uh...when?

The wandering band of homosexual activists maiming (Mame-ing) and (night)clubbing where ever they go, closing down churches and events at will. Who will stop them????


Anonymous said...

Didn't this happend almost a month ago? I figured that they would try to make a media circus out of this since no one really cared.

I guess Article 8 is still the screaming child in the back of the room crying out for attention by the teacher. Now they have a friend in Rev. Crouse. Do you think Rev. Crouse has a gay fixation on the similarly named actor Tom Cruise?

Anonymous said...

When did Camenker become a Christian?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the similarities between Mr. Camenker's statements and those of the White Nationalist movement are purely coincidental.

White Pride World Wide Day

Every year on March 21st the United Nations has the International Day for the Elimination of Racial discrimination. Also known as Harmony day.

Whites around the world are subject to Racial discrimination on a daily basis.

You can take a stand against the Racial Discrimination of Whites that occurs world wide.

This day - March 21st of every year is the day that Whites can stand up and show their pride by flying your Pro-White flags and wearing your Pro-White shirts.

All Whites around the world are encouraged to make the 21st March of every year, the day to remove the suppression of their voices.

Regardless of the disputes you may possibly have with any other Whites, White Pride World Wide Day is the day to show your pride. Put aside diferences with fellow Whites and unite with them for the common goal of White Pride World Wide on this day.

Anonymous said...

I have an honest question -- not trying to provoke anger or anything like that here: how would you guys describe the difference between white pride, black pride, and gay pride?

Anonymous said...

well, look around you. Who is in the majority? Gay Pride is one day a year in Boston, the other 364 days are straight pride. Look at the Valentine's issue of any paper. Look at the cover of any magazine (except for the gay ones). Look at the Academy awards, the movie was about two men loving each other but the actors were straight. the host was straight, all the award winners were straight, well almost all. Gay Pride is one day to be in the majority.

Anonymous said...

I have two answers.

The first is pretty close to the first anonymous. It's my mother's answer to "why do we have mother's day and father's day, but not children's day" -- "Every day is children's day."

The second is intent. Gay Pride Day is about getting together to celebrate our community, one that is very often under attack by people like Article8. The various Mr. Gay type pageants (including Black or Hispanic beauty pageants) are an outlet in a world where one is bombarded by images of straight white people. Things have gotten better, but think of Article8's reaction to a billboard with 2 men on it to get a feel for how rare that is.

White Pride Day and the Mr. Hetero pageant are about oppression, pure and simple. White Pride in particular is aboout celebrating white people's superiority over others, but even a courtesy read of the Mr. Hetero site makes it clear the point is to mock gay people, not celebrate straight people.

The same is true of MassResistance, which is why we're here in the first place.

Rieux said...

Gay Pride is one day a year in Boston...

Really? That sucks. (Hey, the Boston Pride folks at least it's a week...)

In my area, Gay Pride takes a long weekend, not just a day. Fun time, too, even for us heteros.

Rieux said...

Blogger doesn't like the "a href" tag, does it?

The word that got deleted from my comment up there is "claim." Boston Pride's website claims that its festival lasts a week.

Anonymous said...

While there are things going on all week and it is called Pride Week, the Sat parade is really the biggest day. It's like Halloween. There are parties leading up to Oct. 31st and other things, but Oct 31st is really the day.

Anonymous said...

That's a great third point - inclusiveness. Gay Pride celebrations are about community more than anything else. A wide variety of people march in the parade, watch the parade, and participate in the other Pride events. I go every year with a group of friends, both straight and gay.

The Mr. Hetero contest is explicitly anti-gay, to the point that they had an "ex-gay" speak on our "destructive, addictive behavior." Gays were most definitely not welcome. From the pictures on the Article8 site, it was almost entirely white people, but that's another issue.