Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Discrimination: Good, Following the Law: Bad

Willard, aka, Gov. Mitt, is still trying to figure out how to let the Boston Catholic Church discriminate. In an article in the GLOBE yesterday he said:

"The church through its Catholic Charities provides an extraordinary service to the commonwealth by placing many special needs children every year in homes," Romney told reporters. "That's a service I hope we will continue to be able to avail ourselves of."

Excuse me Governor... same sex couples were willingly adopting special needs children that Catholic Charities couldn't place with opposite sex couples.

Simply put, the Catholic Church wants to play, but only its terms. (Of course, the Church wants the benefit of the civil law and courts when there's a cap on liability for charitable organizations, but not the burden of having to adhere to a policy of non-discrimination when it doesn't like the protected people.)

And how dare the Church threaten us with refusing to do any adoptions; and how dare the head of our civil society, the Governor, quickly sacrifice our society's values (non-discrimination).

We're still a civil society governed by laws. Carving out exceptions that violate our values doesn't encourage religious freedom; it establishes it.


Marcie said...

It's also Good Cop/Bad Cop here in Mass. Gov is playing the Bad cop and Kerry Healy, who is running for Gov now, it playing the Good Cop by saying "I'm for gays adopting and civil unions".

Steven Keirstead said...

Not only does the Catholic Church want Catholic Charities to discriminate against gay and lesbian adopters, but they want the taxpayers of Massachusetts to pay the salaries and bills of this organization. This seems to me like it would violate both the State and Federal Constitutional separation of church and state. Romney and O'Malley cannot be allowed to do this.