Monday, March 13, 2006

The New Game Show Network?

I shutter to admit, oops, I mean shudder to admit, I’m disappointed with the latest rant from MassResistance. It’s a re-run of the Homosexual Activists are out to get me post.


And just when I thought they had ventured into a fun new direction with that new game show genre like “Name that Bill Number with Brian and Amy”. (“Is it a good bill or a naughty bill?”) And “Six Degrees of the Marquis de Sade” where Amy linked the Marquis de Sade to a song that mentioned sadism, which was in the movie Rent, which starred Anthony Rapp, who is speaking at GLSEN. Take that GLSEN.

So please, enough with the tired old rhetoric of “we’re out to destroy western civilization” It’s boring and it’s so last season. There was a glimmer with the Manly Man story --- maybe they could tear copies of Sports Illustrated in half? (Wait, that’s been done.)

Okay then, how about “Beat the Clock” where legislators try to pass a bill of address before they retire?

See, there’s a lot of new and fresh ideas out there --- you just have to use your brain.


say what said...

MassResistance complains about a posting being deleted. At least you allow posting on your site.

Anonymous said...

Another fun game - name that stalker.

Amy Contrada makes post after hate filled post about Margaret Marshall, Mitt Romney, and Cynthia Creem. Is she stalking them?

The Pawlicks pay for banners to fly over people's houses and brag about it in print. Are they stalking the targets?

Brian Camenker is obsessed with Robert Travaglini and even give sout his phone number on the air so Article8 members can call. Is this stalking or just harrasment?

Anonymous said...

I've got one "Who's the victim" (aka "tryanny of the majority"). Or better yet "Your rights are oppressing my intolerance."

It goes like this:

Article8/Massresistance is an organization dedicated to eliminating any rights for or public mention of gay people.

Amy Contrada runs a blog dedicated to speading mis-truths about gay people (and people who suppport gay people)

Amy Contrada and Brian Camenker have a weekly radio program on which they bash gay people and anyone who disagrees with them

Amy and Brian openly encourage harrassing people who disagree with them

Amy published Dan Kennedy's home e-mail when he dared criticize her site

Amy contaced BostonBud's employer and published a years old personal ad

People posting comments non-anonomously to the MassResistanceWatch blog are routinely bombarded with hate-filled e-mail.

Amy's site has no comment function and her e-mail addressed is masked

Yet BostonBud is a hate filled stalker... maybe it's time for Amy to reread the 10 commandments.

Anonymous said...

I have one: "False Witness" - game show where contestants take excerpts from Article8/MassResistance literature and try to match them with the actual truth.

For example, here's an Article8 mailing on training for GSA student advisors

One of the biggest lies that parents across the country are told is that the annual "Day of Silence" is completely organized by students, not adults. I've had more than one principal, and countless teachers, tell me that to my face. It's become a mantra of the gay "youth" movement. And it's a complete lie.

The Day of Silence is promoted by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a well-financed national homosexual organization aimed at promoting homosexuality among schoolchildren. On Thursday night, March 9, the Boston office of GLSEN is holding TWO seminars for "educators" of your children. As listed on their website, they are:

Thursday March 9th
Planning the Day of Silence and Dealing with Opposition
from the Far Right

and here's what the "day of silence" web site actually says:

The Day of Silence, a project of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) in collaboration with the United States Student Association (USSA), is a student-led day of action where those who support making anti-LGBT bias unacceptable in schools take a day-long vow of silence to recognize and protest the discrimination and harassment -- in effect, the silencing -- experienced by LGBT students and their allies.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks Amy has a perfect strategy for continuing to make it look like the bigots are the victims: by refusing to have a comments option on her blog, she gives readers only one option to express dissent: e-mailing her directly. Then, when readers exercise this option, she accuses them of being stalkers. It's manipulative and disingenuous... in short, it's typical of the take-no-prisoners hypocrisy one always finds around Article 8. Also, it's hilarious that she suggests an e-mail informing her of plans for a picket in front of her home -- a legal act -- is turned into a "threat," despite there being absolutely no criminal intent. Typical Article Hate crap.