Sunday, March 5, 2006

What is the Cost of Bishop O'Malley's Hate?

The Boston Globe is reporting today that the archdiocese's ban on same sex couples adopting could cost the church millions of dollars in donations which goes to helping poor and needy individuals (well, that and the lawyers the Church are hiring to defend their blatent discrimination):
The consequence of the bishops' decision, however, is that many philanthropic institutions may have to pull funding because they are bound by internal antidiscrimination rules, said Micho Spring, the former chairwoman of United Way of Massachusetts Bay and chairwoman of New England Weber Shandwick Worldwide, a public relations firm. She was also one of board members who resigned.
When Former Vatican Ambassador Ray Flynn was asked on PBS's Greater Boston about the Vatican's statement that "gay couples who adopt cause violence to children" what did he say? Did he agree? NO, he said that he did not believe that was true. There you go, the man who is one of the leaders of the Vote On Marriage Amendment does not believe that same sex couples cause violence to children.
Dr. Albert Bundy, 54, a Boston radiologist who calls himself a practicing Catholic, said he has decided to halt his contributions to Catholic Charities, which totaled a few thousand dollars in the last few decades. He said he had believed Catholic Charities was an independent agency helping the needy, but the latest decision demonstrated to him that the agency is controlled by the archdiocese, which he described as ''out of touch" with the realities of today's complex society. Gay people, he said, have shown themselves to be good parents, particularly to some of the neediest children.


Ryan Adams said...

The Boston Archdiocese and Catholic Church frusterate me to no end. Seriously, I don't know why people still remain in the church. I left it behind months ago!

O'Malley has turned out to be no better than his the previous schmuck/Cardinal... and that guy was a big supporter of pedophiles...

Anonymous said...

Apparently, even MassResistance agrees with you. In today's column, she reprints an article making a strong argument that Cardinal O'Malley is an instrument of the devil:

We too are beginning to encounter clear signs of the demonic. Here in Somerville, how many Catholic schools are closed. One parish and three schools at last count. Yet, we just opened up here a Planned Parenthood Office. If you have read the Somerville newspapers then you saw the picture of the politicians including graduates of Catholic schools attending a ribbon cutting ceremony for a place that roots itself in destroying human life.

That which imparts God’s wisdom is closing and that which imparts the Devil’s destruction is opening. Good is Bad and Bad is Good. True is false and false is true. Man is woman and woman is man. The Devil is alive and living in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.