Monday, March 20, 2006

Quack Quack

Agapepress loves to write about Massachusetts:

Massachusetts, one of the most Catholic states in the U.S., is witnessing an ever-widening rift between church and state on a raft of social issues. Large numbers of state lawmakers still identify themselves as Catholic but are picking and choosing when to side with the church and when to break with it. The recent decision of Catholic Charities to end its century-old adoption program rather than comply with state law barring discrimination against homosexuals is just the latest fissure. The church is already resisting a new law requiring all hospitals to distribute emergency contraception to rape victims upon demand. And church leaders are backing a proposed ballot initiative that would rewrite the state constitution to overturn the historic state Supreme Judicial Court ruling that legalized same-sex "marriages" in 2004. The erosion of the church's political influence came into stark relief when leaders of the Massachusetts House and Senate, both Catholics, vowed to fight efforts by the state's four Catholic bishops to win an exemption to the anti-discrimination law which they said would let them continue adoptions without violating church teaching.
Notice the "bolded" sentence. So Agapepress is "reporting" exactly what the MFI says they are not doing. The reason I'm posting this is because MFI keeps saying that the intent of the anti-gay Amendment is not to reverse the Goodridge decision.
Gary Buseck, GLAD's legal director, said the state Constitution specifically bars any citizen-initiated amendment that "relates to the reversal of a judicial decision." Only the Legislature can propose that kind of amendment, he said.
If it walks like duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it ain't a goose.


Rieux said...

Goodridge, Goodridge! ( )

Bud, you and Mass Marrier (who has done the same thing more than once) seem to have some kind of envy for Julie and Hillary's financial status.... ;-)

Boston Bud said...

Ouch!!! Sorry, Being an engineer, english sometimes seems like a second language to me. Thanks Rieux!

Anonymous said...

This week's Bay Windows has a great an article on how fraudulent and incentuous the entire anti-gay marriage movement in MA is, especially MFI.

MassResistance/Article8 make an appearance in the "fringe groups" category, but Amy doesn't even rate a mention. Brian is very politely identified as an "anti-gay activist."

I'm sure they'll be outraged, nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

The link got truncated -- try this:

Anonymous said...

Well, no one really takes MassResistance very seriously here in Massachusetts except for MassResistance.