Saturday, March 4, 2006

I'm Just A Bill and I'm Sitting Here on Boston's Beacon Hill

Oh, another pathetic radio show (with matching email) from Article 8/Massresistance. Where to start?

They had on State Rep. Elizabeth Poirier (a graduate of Johnson & Wales University, home to the coveted culinary arts & hospitality degrees) talking about Bill H1641, the bill requiring health for high school students. It was funny how she equated same sex marriage being legal in Massachusetts to the introduction of this health bill because Health education was a requirement to graduation in Massachusetts decades before same sex couples could marry. Article 8 takes credit for getting that requirement removed in the 90's. Rep. Poirier must have been getting her ingredients mixed up.

They also had someone on (didn't get his name) trying to recruit anti-gay candidates on the radio for the Massachusetts House & Senate. He suggested people call Brian Camenker if they want to run, I second that motion. There is nothing better for us than an endorsement from Article 8.

Finally, Amy repeated a list of bills people are supposed to call the legislature on. I've listed a few of the bad bills here so call or write your legislator to get the following bills defeated:

H1050 -Educational committee- Opt-in / parental rights in education for sex ed. All students should be taught health education since its obvious that some heterosexual parents aren't doing their job.

H652 -Judical committee- Bill of Address to constitutionally remove four oppressive judges who illegally imposed same-sex "marriage" on Massachusetts. You'll get a good laugh when they tell you it will never pass anyway.

S316 -Education Committee -- School surveys. Would have parents opt in their children for school surveys.

H654 -Judiciary Committee - Legal nullification of same-sex "marriages" performed since May 17, 2004. It's amazing that Article 8/Massresistance keep saying that same sex marriage don't exist yet they want to pass a law that say that the same sex marriages that don't exist, really don't exist.

H653: -Judiciary Committee- This bill would officially -- in law -- define marriage as one man and one woman, with no civil unions allowed. This law would immediately be deemed unconstitutional.


Mark D. Snyder said...

Thank you for keeping on top of this!!

Anonymous said...

In today's rant, Brian Kamenker moves from railing about "activist judges" to railing about the "runaway legislature."

In one of the best examples of hypocrisy ever, he admits that they planned to "derail H1641 by getting it sent to a study" (H1641 is the mandatory health bill), then rants about unfair it is that H1050 (the opt-in bill) also got sent to study.

He then has the gall to slam the legislature's treatment of the "average person." How can the head of an organization dedicated to eradicating any mention of gay people in public life claim to be anything but a "special interest?"

Is it any wonder people question Article8's honesty and integrity?

Anonymous said...

Some wyas to tell if you're one those nasty out of touch liberals:

- Ever noticed that the Article8 and MassNews sites have a long list of legislatures who were once their "friends" and are now fools, cowards, drinkers of the New York Times' cool-aid, or worse?

- Ever wonder how people like Brian and Amy and the Pawlicks could have made spent the last 15-20 years making careers out of opposing gay rights, yet still claim to be innocents with no knowledge of how the legislature works?

- Ever wonder why there's no newsletter archive on the Article8 site and inconvenient discrepencies vanish from the page?

- Ever wonder why Article8 lists the teacher's union as one of their greatest enemies?

Anonymous said...

If you listened to Massresistance on the radio two weeks ago, I know its painful. But you would have heard Brian praising former House Speaker Finneran. That's a lot different than when Finneran was speaker and Camenker and his merry bunch were picketting his neighborhood and calling him down.

Anonymous said...

Right. I can't remember if we're at war with Eastasia or Eurasia.

It helps to remember that these are the same people who refer to gays as "Nazi Barbarians" then moan that liberals are lowering the level of discourse.

Interesting that Camenker, who used to be an Orthodox Jew, is dclaring "Christians throughout the nation should be outraged and concerned."