Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bacon, Bagels and a BIG Bitter Cup of Massresistance

Once again my husband and I listened to Massresistance: the Radio Show this morning as part of our homosexual lifestyle (He listens while running, I was doing Sudoko). There were many coffee spewing moments let me tell you!

I first I thought I tuned into the wrong program and was listening to "on air" Bingo "B4, N35..." only it was Amy reading out the "Good" and "Bad" bills sent to "study" by the legislature. Strangely enough Brian praised the listeners for calling and contacting the legislature to get rid of the bad bills and said something to the effect of "you did a good job of intimidating the legislature, of course that was not our intent" Of course later on he gave out more phone numbers (Mass Legislator Bingo) so the listeners could not intimidate but call their legislators.

When my husband returned from running he remarked how rarely (if ever) he's heard someone opose Anti-Hate Groups. Thank goodness we have MassResistance to stand-up against things like diversity breakfasts and the Anti-Defamation League, which by the way we learned today is nothing but a front for GLAD. And thank you Brian and Amy for calling for an end to talking in civilized tones. Why that kind of behavior only leads to dialogue and understanding. What we need is more David Parkers to bully about and get arrested.

They talked about a number of other insane topics including the Mr. Hetero Contest, AGAIN. The last part had to be the best though when Amy couldn't stop talking about S & M. Somehow she drew links from the Marquis de Sade to Rent to GLSEN ending with "people say we advocate hate speech because we're against girls wearing handcuff earning."

Oh Amy, you are SO right! Handcuff earrings are so 80's!!!

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is Amy and Brian are lucky beating strawmen to death is not (yet) a crime in MA.