Sunday, March 12, 2006

Things That Make You Go Hmm..

I bet you dollars to donuts that the parents of this child are heterosexuals. I was reminded of this picture when I read the crap that Ms. Massresistance posts:
No, it is cruelty to adopted children -- ALL of whom are special-needs children -- to place them in unstable, unnatural households! The Vatican is right: It is "gravely immoral." We just wish the church or Archbishop would expand on this concept a little, instead of leaving things unsaid.
I shutter to think of the children being brought up in a hatefilled household. God help those kids who are brought up learning that hate is ok. Now THAT is unnatural. She further states:
It's well established that lesbian and homosexual male couples are less stable. Breakups come more frequently and sooner. Partner abuse, promiscuity and infidelity are much more common than with married heterosexual couples. What transpires in the privacy of many of those homes cannot be pretty. How irresponsible on the part of adoption agencies to place children in such homes without research backing up the safety of such placements.

Her blanket statements are totally without basis or facts and just her own hatred shining through. Can you imagine being brought up in an environment where you are taught that certain people are abnormal and unnatural because they were unlike you? Now THAT is cruelty.


Anonymous said...

On the other hand, Amy inadvertantly paid you a compliment today. While she tried to twist Mansfield's words on manliness into praise for Howie Carr (!) and an attack on Romney and gay marriage (gay marriage apparently being inherently unmanly), what mansfield really says is:

Mansfield's definition of manliness is maddeningly imprecise: Basically, he says, you know it when you see it. Mansfield sees it in firefighters, warriors, and great thinkers, but also, interestingly, in Margaret Thatcher. It is a ''quality of the soul," he writes in one typically opaque passage. ''A manly man asserts himself," he writes in another, ''so that he and the justice he demands are not overlooked."

Which by definition makes you a manly man...

You should thank her and Brian for giving you the opportunity. Most people have to go to Africa and shoot lions or something.

Anonymous said...
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Boston Bud said...

Blogger’s Note: A comment was posted, but deleted from the site because it directed readers to a posting with inaccurate and personal information. In the interest of disclosure, however, the substance of the post was: (1) to correct my use of the word shutter when I meant shudder (darn those homonyms); and (2) to direct readers to the Article 8 website, which if anyone cares, is available by link on the adjacent panel.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Massresistance leaves out the most interesting part of the argument. Part of Catholic Charities original charter for adoptions was to keep Catholic babies out of Protestant and Jewish homes. They abandoned this position in order to get state and federal funding. Same thing with their opposition to divorce.

Catholic Cahrities long ago conceeded that in order to take government money, they need to abide by state and feeral law. At the time they relaxed the restriction on other religions, they were still teaching that only Catholics would enter the kingdom of heaven. By their own logic, they were imperiling baby's souls in exchange for money.

Fortunately, the church then was capable of evolution and this bigotry eventually passed.

Amy would have us believe that ANY heterosexual home is better than a qualified gay home. She would further have us believe that somehow standards have been completely waived. It's simply not true.