Friday, July 13, 2007

District Court Judge Says NO!

John over at Live, Love & Learn is reporting that a district court judge refused to dismiss the civil rights charges against Larry Cirignano:
A district court judge has refused to dismiss a civil rights charge against the former Catholic Citizenship executive director, who allegedly pushed a gay marriage supporter to the ground during an anti-gay marriage rally in December.Larry Cirignano, 50, of Arlington, Va., is also charged with assault and battery in connection with the Dec. 16 incident outside City Hall.

I can already hear the cries of unfairness over at Massresistance. How do you think they're going to spin it this time? I'm sure it must beneficial to Romney to have an alleged assaulter and a potential civil rights violator sign a "conservative" document against him. I wonder if this is the "prominence" that Massresistance was bragging about on their website.

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John Hosty said...

Thanks again for continuing to cover this story. Here is some additional information from Bay Windows:

"Cirignano will be back in court August 20, and Tim Connolly, spokesperson for Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early, Jr., said there will be a trial date set at that hearing."