Saturday, July 14, 2007

Spinning Violence

Well I knew it wouldn't take too long (although they have been taking weeks to respond to recent events) but Massresistance A.K.A. Brian Camenker has commented on Let Loose Larry Cirignano's alleged attack on an innocent woman:
Judge David Ricciardone's ruling today is unbelievably absurd. Either he didn't understand what actually happened, or he has no understanding of constitutional law.

This from Brian Camenker and we all know how "up on the law" Brian & Amy are don't we! Hmm...when did they pass the bar? But wait, there's more:
Our question to you: Do you get it yet? This happened to David Parker; it happened to Larry; it happened to Diane Steele. It could happen to you next. The
time for us to be "polite and reasonable" seems to have passed.

Yeah it could happen to you too if you take the law into your own hands and then you deserve what you get. This is comedy! According to them what Let Loose Larry, Mad Dad Parker and Slap Happy Mom Steele did was "polite and reasonable", I guess I'd be afraid what they'd do when they're not. When pushing an innocent woman to the ground, holding up in an elementary school and slapping a man on street is considered "polite and reasonable" then someone is really out of touch.

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Ryan Adams said...

The time to be polite and reasonable has passed? When have they either been polite or reasonable? Funny stuff. They're the gift that keeps on giving, endless schadenfruede and no threat to change it.