Monday, July 2, 2007

One is the Loneliest Number

At first I thought Massresistance's latest rant was just that, her latest rant. Then after pondering it for a bit it hit me, Ms. Massresistance is very lonely:

Last week, we were surprised to see that one of VoteOnMarriage's spokespersons agreed to be interviewed by the extremist homosexual newspaper, Bay Windows. [" spokeswoman says another ballot campaign unlikely," 6-22-07.] One Ms. Barstow said another marriage amendment campaign is unlikely. Though we've heard VOM is still seriously considering one.)

Speaking with Bay Windows is in line with VOM's thinking --that it's possible to dialogue with these people, that MassEquality's Marc Solomon is an honorable man, and all that. But wait -- we're confused: Didn't we just read immediately after VOM's defeat that Kris Mineau, main spokesman for VOM, was accusing legislators of taking bribes? And where did those bribes come from? The very close-knit radical homosexual community, led by MassEquality and rallied by Bay Windows? Yet Barstow complimented MassEquality on doing a great job defeating her amendment! And bared her supporters' emotions to Bay Windows. Unbelievable

The title of her post is VoteOnMarriage Continues to Consort with Enemy which is really what got me to thinking:

No One Wants to Consort with Massresistance!

It's true! I think her latest post is a cry for help since no one on God's green earth is willing to stand side by side with her and Brian in their feeble attempt to rid the world of gay and lesbian people. Oh sure, they may have some Internet buddies in Maine who Brian can call now (Hat tip to MassMarrier) and then, but when push comes to shove, these buddies would just as soon thrown them under the bus as the Vote on Marriage Legislators would try to leverage their "No" vote for a committee chair (The leading powers in the State house refused to give perks for votes but Ms. Massresistance fails to mention that).

So today post makes me sad. Massresistance's only contact with people is when they attend gay pride rallies and parades and now that the anti-gay marriage amendment is dead there will probably be less meetings and events for them to videotape or record so what is an anti-gay bigot to do? We can take some consolation in that they have their past recordings. Even if no one bothers with them ever again, they can still watch and listen to the past and remember when they got mannequins removed from a Macy's window...and the world watched.....and laughed.


Richard W. Lewis, Sr. said...

It's all about the money for Amy and Brian. It has to be about the money for no normal person could possibly be that virulently anti-anything!
So, my question is do we have anyone in the gay community who knows how to pull up the financial records of MassResistance for all of us to see. Surely there must be some government body to whom they are required to report the efforts of their fund raising and what they spent the money on.
I would like to know how much they rake in and I would like to know who it comes from ( I need to compare that list to my firm's approved vendor list!) Most of all I would like to know just how much was spent on Amy and Brian's personal financial obligations.
Come on folks we must have accountants and lawyers out there who know how to legally get this data and publicize it.

While we are at it I would like to see the records for Krissy Minnows outfit. Other than bashing Gay's I would like to know how much they spent on positive family things, like feeding the hungry children and all those other wonderful pro-family things they do?

Mass Marrier said...

Well, Bud, why don't you and your hubby take her out dancing. She could confide her outrage to you and have someone other than Brian to pay attention to her. ;->

Sharoney said...

Well, there's five minutes of my life I'll never get back again.

I listened to Michael S. Heath, "Christian Education League's Executive Director as he interviewed Brian Camenker.

There's something about Heath's voice that sends my gaydar right off the scale. Does anyone out there concur? Or is it just me?

And Camenker is correct in the podcast when he says "the gays wanted all or nothing." Sucks to be you, Brian, doesn't it? He claims that "you can hear the gays gloating in the background. There are thousands of them here in front of the statehouse, just GLOATING... It's absolute bedlam. I mean, they are gloating, they are yelling and screaming."

Just like Michael's comments about the GSBT movement being "brutal" and "in your face."

Project much?

Brian then laments to Heath, "People need to take this seriously.... "We've been respectful. But there are times when we don't need to be respectful, because these people are just going to do horrible things."

Sounds like the wingnut crazy faction of the religious right is getting ready to resort to violence. Slap Happy Mother, it would seem, was a belwether. Unfortunately, our side had better come up with a strategy to deal with physical attacks and terrorism, because if the past is any indication (see Larry Cirignano) the police will be disinclined to do their jobs under such circumstances unless pressure is applied.

One moment of truth: Brian says of the gay rights movement, "This train isn't about to stop."

He's got that right. And it's going to run right over his ass.

atfs said...

A good number of older marriage activists who've run into him say Brian sets off their gaydar too. He sure enjoys dwelling on lurid scenarios and pictures of those acts he protesteth too much against.

It wouldn't shock me to learn that 'Amy' likewise suffers from nightmares of lesbian temptations. And that there's a reward of a toaster oven set on her precious affections and favors. :D

Putnam County said...

Perhaps she could teach a remedial spelling class for her friends. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Add C.J. Doyle to that list. I *swear* he used to live at Napoleon's.

Anonymous said...

Mass Resistance is very slap happy when it comes to filig the required reports for their various named groups.

Bay Windows ( the homosexual newspaper) published a copy of the most recent filing and it showed that they recived about 60K in donations. Brian gave Ami, who was always indentified as a "volunteer" on their radio infomercial 10,000 bucks and Brian pocket somewhere between 40 and 50k for himself.

I always wondered how Brian paid the bills he feels like paying
(He declared total Bankruptcy a few yeras ago and included a relative who lent him 10k in the filing) Now I know he pays his bills from donations to Mass Resistance.