Wednesday, July 4, 2007

She's An Expert On Surveys Too! Who Knew?

Ms. Massresistance has taken off her lawyer's hat and is now wearing her scientist's cap, or in her case, a dunce cap. Her latest post is about the Youth Sexual Behavior Survey which was written about in BayWindows:
The unsurprising part of the report must be this: "The YRBS [Massachusetts survey] also found that sexual minority youth were at greater risk for contracting HIV and other STDs than their peers. In 2005, sexual minority youth were twice as likely to report having been diagnosed with HIV or another STD as their straight peers."

Once again Amy sees only what she likes to see. In today's schools there is lots of sex education for heterosexual youth (Massresistance LOVES to complain about all the Sex Ed) but rarely does the education include information beneficial to GLB youth. Additionally, that second sentence also shows that the same youth is more likely to report it unlike the heterosexual youth who may keep that information hidden. (Hmm...could the GLB youth, in their quest for becoming straight be getting the STDs from the heterosexual youth who aren't reporting it? So many questions!)
Back to the pregnancies. We're confused: who exactly is getting pregnant here, part-time "lesbian" girls or "bisexual" girls? And who is impregnating them? Other lesbian girls? Bisexual boys? Or are the girls consorting with (horrors!) heterosexual males? Or is it just "bisexual" girls we're talking about? Then why doesn't the story say just "bisexual"? We think it's because that would expose the absurdity of that term, which heightens awareness that all the "GLBT" identities are really chosen behaviors, not an innate characteristic.

Why oh why is Amy obsessed with whether its lesbian or bisexual girls getting pregnant and by who? (this curiosity should be a bit of a concern for her therapist). As a gay person this whole issue is not that surprising since there is a lot of pressure to be straight. When I was coming out I labeled myself as "bisexual" because I was too afraid to admit I was gay. I knew I was gay but in constant fear of people like her judging me as a abnormal. Luckily I aged and learned that people like her are really the abnormal ones but it's something you don't realize when you're young.
First of all, are there standard, accepted definitions for the words "lesbian, gay, and bisexual", known to teenagers taking the survey? And are all the teenagers who so identify on the survey sincere, or are some of them pulling someone's chains? We've commented before that we have overheard kids joking about how they lie on this survey for the fun of it, about their "sexual identity" and a lot of other things, including suicide, drug taking -- you name it.

This paragraph is clearly the funniest of the post. They judge the whole survey by the kids THEY overheard. LOL Because I'm sure the kids they are eavesdropping on aren't lying because these two old bags are listening in on our conversation! How many of the 24,000 students who've taken the survey do you think Brian and Amy have listened to?

Their questions concerning surveys are no different that surveys they've used as a basis for their hate (Only 1.4% of Adults Homosexual? ) But you see, they only seem to believe surveys that are conducted by people who were dropped by the American Psychological Association or conducted by extremely biased organizations.

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Anonymous said...

It must have been a full moon the other night when Ami wrote this post?

Since she is really into exact definitions, I suggest she consult her Websters for the exact definition of a LUNATIC.

I love how she drops in the reminder to her "readers" about the fact that "they have over heard kids saying they lie on the surveys." This is almost as funny as when she asked if a reporter from Bay Windows would be banned from a pro life rally the way she was banned from going into the Gay Prom.

Ami you are not a reporter and Brian is not a leading pro family advocate as OneNewsDaily recently indentified him as in their news email. Little do they know that not one leading pro family advocate wants to be caught with in 150 feet of our friend from Newton.

Finally, it really looks like the MR Romney Report has had a major impact on Willard's campaign.