Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tweedledum & Tweedledummer

I just recently included a link to Pam's House Blend on this site. Pam's been covering the actions of the homophobic right for a while now, on the now defunct Massresistance radio show even called her a "A nutty lesbian blogger" so I'm in good company. It was through Pam's House Blend that I first started following Porno Pete's actions (Porno Pete is Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality)

Having been going on both Porno Pete's & Massresistance's websites I've noticed lately that they have been posting the same anti-gay propaganda:

and finally, they both use Gay people to fundraise. Without us how would they fund their extra-curricular activity?

Porno Pete:

TAKE ACTION: Send Americans For Truth a $10 donation (postpaid) or make a $10 gift online and we will send you a “Truth Packet” that reveals some cold, hard realities about the homosexual agenda — including our booklet, The Homosexual Agenda Targeting Children.” The Truth Packet will guide you on simple steps you can take to start standing up for truth against the homosexual agenda
in your community. You’ll be shocked to see how the “GLBT” lobby is corrupting youth and converting the next generation to their ungodly cause. Send $10 (postpaid) to AFTAH, P.O. Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522, or go online to give HERE.


Please consider DONATING to MassResistance!
Donate to MassResistance by credit card Donations can also be mailed to: MassResistance, PO Box 1612, Waltham, MA 02454(Become a monthly donor - email us!) Also, check out the MassResistance blog (for even more in-depth coverage)!

I guess these days the Anti-Gay Homophobic Web Ring is getting smaller and smaller and even though they keep repeating the same anti-gay propaganda they don't want people to know about the other anti-gay sites because that then infringes upon their fundraising ability.


Laurel said...

Good sleuthing! When MassResist still was on the air, they interviewed Petey at least once. Petey was all excited, advertising his big debut weeks before MassResist even aired his 30 seconds of shame. Peter LaBarbarian and The Brain & Ami Bigtop Extravaganza are clearly sharing recipes. No doubt sharing sponging, i mean fundraising methods too.

atfs said...

We should start taking bets on when Michael Glantz first gets seen in a gay bar again....

Doodle Bean said...


Have you considered donating to Brian and Amy so you will continue to have someone to write about?

Naw... I guess there will just be others to write about!

bostonph said...

I'm guessing two weeks; neither his explanation for how he became gay, nor his explanation of why he's no longer gay (notice that he never says he's straight) pass the sniff test.

What I discovered – what I learned – about homosexuality was amazing. How I'd first "discovered" homosexual desires back in high school was by noticing that I looked at other guys. How I healed, when it became decidedly clear that I should – or risk hurting more people – is that I paid attention to myself.

The writing reminds me of a (straight) friend who discovered Jesus in rehab. He was an insufferable holier-than-thou prick for about a month.

This section in particular is just whacked:

Lust takes us out of our bodies, "attaching" our psyche onto someone else's physical form. That's why homosexual sex – and all other lust-based sex – is never satisfactory: It's a neurotic process rather than a natural, normal one. Normal is normal – and has been called normal for a reason.

Not to inject logic or anything, but since when is gay sex only lust based?

Molly said...

My question is, what sex ISN'T lust-based?

Well, maybe male-female missionary postion, solely for procreation-type sex isn't, but how often does that happen?