Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What Has Massresistance Ever Done to Benefit Families?

I was reviewing some of my old posts and I thought a section of one of them would be good to repeat:

Now Brian Camenker, and Article 8 for that matter, is supposed to be "pro family" what exactly are they doing for the family? Where are they spending [time and] money to actually help families? What causes do they support that actually supports families, and I'm not talking about gay families either. Every thing Article 8 does is about homosexuality, they don't care about families. They have not done anything which would even support a family with a mother and a father. They supposedly raise funds to keep their work going but what work is that? It's work to bring down the judges. Their money isn't going to actual people. Whose family do you think is benefiting from the money that gets donated? Article 8 is definitely ANTI-family.

Some things have changed since I wrote this (Brian Camenker now calls his group Massresistance) and some things have not (Brian Camenker and Massresistance are still anti-family). I think it is imperative that if they are ever quoted or referenced in the newspapers again and he or Massresistance are identified as "pro-family" then we need to write in and question their use of that term. They should have to explain what it is they actually do that is beneficial to families.

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Mass Marrier said...

Spot on, and how sleazy is it for the anti-gay, anti-marriage-equality folk to claim to be pro-marriage. Anyone with wit and compassion would want kids protected and would welcome same-sex marriages that do that. Pro-marriage, my big toe!