Saturday, July 14, 2007

Week 8: Massachusetts Held Hostage

Well folks, it's been 8 weeks since Brian & Amy have "graced" the airwaves with their bland, oops, I mean, brand of humor (yeah right!) and factual information, I mean fanciful information.

The source for the "news" they presented on their show was their own blog and website and they have seemed to keep it updated on a semi-regular basis although the content on both has border more and more on the hysterical and desperate.

I noted yesterday that with all the violence and disturbing tactics the people who are on Massresistance's side have committed, Brian states that it's time to stop being "polite and reasonable." So when can we expect Massresistance and their supporters to become impolite and unreasonable? How does this change from their loony agenda that they emailed out and was posted here last year:
  • Making Changes in their own minds (convincing themselves that they are not prejudiced),
  • Deciding that "these people" (the majority of people in Massachusetts) are not going to beat us,
  • Understanding that we (the right wing fringe loonies) are going to stop them (I guess that's us, the homosexual activists),
  • Stopping the legislature from voting this insanity into law (the insanity is additional funding for at-risk youth and it didn't happen for them),
  • Stopping the powerful homosexual lobby (and yet they say we're only a very tiny minority in the state...)
  • Keeping the hostile Boston media from influencing events (don't they mean they're going to get them to show up at their loony events?)

Really, how much more defeat can these losers take? It's like watching the McCain campaign played out over years in Massachusetts. The only good thing is that their antics provide lots of humorous stories for us to tell the next generation (and it's all captured here!)

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massmarrier said...

I think my favorite ongoing routine is when they list Pride supporters. Year after year, this is an increasingly impressive group of retailers, banks and others. The mainstream companies support Pride while B and A (is that BAA, like sheep?) publish the list. They seemingly have no sense that this shows how fringe they are and how integrated Pride is into the culture. Baaaaa, BAA.