Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Ideal" Family Structures

You always hear the anti-gay fanatics talk about the ideal family structure which is supposed to be children with parents consisting of "one man & one woman", you even hear it from Myth Romney. Well, here are some of the couples, by their definition, who would hold up as better parents than a single parent or same sex parent households:

I doubt Massresistance will be picking up any of these stories.

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Anonymous said...

Nearly each one of these cases cited as a justification for redefining the natural family actually supports what advocates have long stated: that children are (on average) better off in a home wherein the man and the woman are married.

Woman jumps on car's hood? You fail to note that the woman jumped on a car with her boyfriend behind the wheel, which supports social science research findings that children are at greater risk of abuse at the hands of those with whom they have not formal relationship with, such as this boyfriend.