Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Threats and Deception Because of a Fake Church

Ms. Massresistance is saying that "the sky is falling" because a lesbian couple is suing some "church" in New Jersey, well, it's not really a church, it's actually a seaside resort claiming to be a church. Oh, and while all this takes place in New Jersey she warns "IT WILL HAPPEN HERE IN MASSACHUSETTS" cue the organ music. Ms. Massresistance also got her news from...shh...Canada! That's right, she's getting her news from the country she always slamming and calling immoral.

Psst, uh, Amy, dearest, we've been getting legally married here in Massachusetts since May 2004. It's 2007 honey, where's the lawsuits? That's over 3 years babe, where are they? New Jersey's civil union law just went into effect and it still hasn't happened here so enough with the threats and warnings. You and your people are the ones threatening lawsuits, remember that funky law student? How about Kris Mineau threatening to take the legislators to court because they voted their conscience? How about David Parker and the Wirthins suing in federal court over a children's book? If the sky is falling it's because you're pulling it down!

One more thing, that seaside resort really isn't a church anyway. How can I be so sure? Well, the Pope told me. You see the Catholic church is the one true church and all the others are, well, not churches:

Pope Benedict XVI has reiterated the Roman Catholic Church's position that other Christian denominations aren't true churches, meaning that his followers are the only ones who will achieve true salvation

So for all you people kissing up to the church for it's participation in the anti-gay marriage amendment, there you go. All the faithful Catholics knew this all along and just strung you all along (Amy loves to quote the faithful Catholics). So that's settled, as long as a Catholic Church isn't being sued it's OK. If Ms. Massresistance still wants to call the other places "churches" I guess she can but that won't make her correct.

Thanks Pope Benedict XVI for settling that one!

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