Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Make It Illicit If You Don't Know What Really Happens!

How pathetic. Ms. Massresistance is back to obsessing about children again. In her latest rant she sounds as if she's jealous because she doesn't know what goes on at the Gay Straight Student Alliance in the schools but of course that doesn't stop her from using her own perverted mind to think about is going on:
No one really knows what students at the "gay-straight alliance" clubs (GSAs) in our high schools talk about. We're pretty sure the faculty/staff advisors tell the students, "What we talk about here, stays here." But since the topic is sex, and perverted sex at that, we shudder to imagine what goes on.

Oh horrors, these students with their advisers are planning the destruction of the world! We don't know what they talk about but we'll just assume the worst because isn't that what gay people do anyhow, the worst?! /sarcasm

Of course she provides a link to some "Catholic" news service to boost her claim with the usual threat of "you know it will happen in Massachusetts". Oh please!

Now I'm not supposed to say anything because I swore on a stack of gay agenda's (the anti-gay right doesn't believe that we are religious) but I'll tell because once again Ms. Massresistance has let the cat out of the bag...I WENT TO A GSA Meeting! There I said it.

Yes, I went to a meeting of my high school's GSA back in 2002. It was so sick and depraved! I mean I brought my high school yearbook and passed it around so the students could look at it and there were some children of people I went to school with in the GSA. This was truly twisted stuff!

And the horror didn't stop there, they talked about marching in the Youth Pride Event in Boston and making a sign which would designate which school they were from, BONE CHILLING stuff. Oh, and I forgot to talk about the section of the meeting when they talked about getting roughed up by the other students simply because they were coming to the GSA.

Yeah, these GSA's are really X-rated sex clubs disguised as small meetings of fringe students who may be roughed up because they are different. There should definitely be no such avenue for these kids to find each other. They should be kept separate and forced to believe that they are immoral and evil because of the people they happen to fall in love with. What the hell, they are only children, they don't have feelings do they Ms. Massresistance?


Anonymous said...

Needless to say, the only reason she's ranting about it is to induce some parent to find out through their kid(s) what goes on at some future GSA meeting somewhere. I almost feel like pretending to be some parent and emailing her some salacious "report."

Anonymous said...

Boston Bud is a brave, brave man to have attended a GSA meeting and lived to tell about it.

I dare Ms. Massresistance to check out one in person (with adult supervision of course) and report back with the real facts. Demagoguery is such a lazy and dishonest method to spread hate, it makes you wonder what major character flaws are hidden behind the rhetoric.