Monday, July 9, 2007

I knew it: Boy's Life Magazine Turned Me Gay!

Oh, dear, lunacy is at an all time high. Ms. Massresistance is referencing a World Nut Daily post about "Big Sodomy"! She (and the Wingnuts over at WND) want the ex-gays to file a class action lawsuit know, I give up, I have no idea who they want to sue:

Hopefully Americans aren't as slow this time to accept the findings, as we were when all we did was smoke. If you have a friend or relative who has been persuaded by the media, big business, politicians, university programs, including courses of study, or any person or group to try this deadly lifestyle, and especially if your friend or relative is already suffering from a serious disease contracted as a result of it, talk to him or her at the first opportunity about the very real possibility of starting a class-action lawsuit against the group or groups that persuaded them to enter into the activity that did them in.

Once again, the nuts are calling being gay "that deadly lifestyle". Does that mean I can sue the Boy Scouts of America and that girl in college (who made me realize I couldn't go through with it just to see) because those are things I did and didn't do that must have made me gay?

I mention the Boy Scouts of America because yes, I am in fact an Eagle Scout and I spent quite a few years in the Scouting program. It was GREAT too, I learned a lot about taking care of myself in the Scouts. I've learned and met many Eagle Scouts who are also now gay men. Who else would spent so much time earning merit badges, doing good deeds and performing service projects for the community? Most of the straight boys I knew were out drinking and trying to have sex with the girls. Unfortunately, the Boy Scouts have now turned away boys who might be gay or are gay identified and would probably drum out any boy wasn't identified as "straight".

And that girl in college, well, we never did get it on, although she wanted to and she was attractive, however, my parents always taught me to wait until I found someone I loved, and well, I really wasn't interested. My parents taught me that sex was nothing to be ashamed of, but it is much more special if you loved that person, oh and take protection, wear a condom (because there were a lot of diseases out there and you didn't want to catch anything.) Mind you, this was pre-AIDS and my parents were being VERY REALISTIC (kids have sex).

Sexually transmitted diseases have been around for centuries and you have to protect yourself from them whether you are straight or gay.

I think its a riot that these "conservatives" who want people to take responsibility for their actions are so quick to blame the media, big business and politicians. These are the same people who talk about frivolous lawsuits and yet are calling for a class action lawsuit, I guess Martha Stewart should watch out, as well as the high school drama clubs. It must be because nothing says "you gotta be gay" than watching "The Laramie Project" and learning about how Matthew Sheppard was beaten to death and tied to fence because he was gay.

These hate groups are probably starting to get scared that the victims of gay bashings just might start suing them for inciting violence with their words and hatred (which coincidentally is what stopped the KKK, thanks Southern Poverty Law Center!)


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but it sure looks like Amy has taken to posting while drinking. From the massresistance "newswire":

On Friday, July 13, Worcester District Court Judge David Ricciardone is scheduled to announce whether his decision to dismiss the outrageous "civil rights" charges against Catholic activist Larry Cirignano, by ACLU activist Sarah Loy. At the pre-trial hearing on June 28, Larry's lawyers asked moved to dismiss the civil rights charges, and the judge said he would announce his decision on July 13

The first two sentences of their "newswire" item just don't make sense.

Doodle Bean said...

Schure they do, Anonnnny... Anonnnnaaa... Anonnnnnnn...


Schure they be do!

bostonph said...

Not to nit-pick, but I believe Brian writes the newswire.

Anonymous said...

Whoever writes it, their lack of proofreaders (funny with their huge grassroots swell of support, you'd think they could find an editor) rears its head again:

Latest post regarding the HPV vaccine:

"There is strong feeling the drug has NOT been inadequately tested."

Well then, I guess they're all for it!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, even if they take "Big Sodomy" down, we'll still have "Big Cunnilingus," backed by all those thousands and thousands of lesbian gangs.