Monday, July 11, 2005

Blood Money

Ms. Massresistance is on her high horse because of an article in the Globe today about students standing up to the American Red Cross because they still do not accept blood from gay men. However, instead of her usual attacks on gays and lesbians, she instead attacks Tufts University and a student who apparently attends/attended Tufts.

Ironically, the anonymous homophobic poster gives the full name of the student who is standing up for his rights (more than she does by hiding her own real name, If you care to know who she really is click here). Just another sign at how truly hateful and unchristian-like Ms. Massresistance is, an old cranky woman attacking young people. She has so little to talk about that she, like Article 8, have to keep bringing up old stories and unrelated matters to try and get people's attention.

The real tragedy is that bigoted people like Ms. Massresistance could be shooting heroin and having unsafe sex and yet will still be able to give blood by lying when they give. However, honest people, like that student at Tufts will obey the law and can only protest the ridiculous policy of the Red Cross.

I look at it as the country's loss. They don't want gays and lesbians in the military nor do they want our blood, yet they can bleed money from us by way of taxes. I recall a little tea party about that once...


massmarrier said...

I had to slap my head at her latest. Her most damning slur on this Tufts student is that he demanded wrongs righted. She wrote in classical anaphoric rhetroic, repeating he demanded, as though that was some incredible character flaw.

This comes from the folk (lumping together Article 8, the CCL of Maine, David Parker and her) who demand all manner of imagined rights, from school officials, legislators and various levels of government. A scan of this blog shows some of these outrageous deamnds.

Yet when some student wants the Red Cross to stop discriminating against all gay blood donors, wants Tufts to formalize a gender-anti-discrimination policy and so forth, he's a bad guy. Again, a slap to the forehead. Eh?

synternet said...

Amy Contrada should be brought out as the hate monger she really is. Using Google to search her name brings up some real great sites! This story shows their hate mongering, with quotes like "sodomy lobby" and "...the schools pushing homosexuality..." like they're dealing crack.

Here's an article she wrote on Gary Bauer pretty much blaming 9/11 on gays. It gets even better with a link to Scouting Legal Defense Fund headed by Ed Meese. Unfrotunately there's five pages to look at so I'll just end there.