Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Jig is Up!

Well, Massresistance finally figured it all out! Our cover is blown! I can't believe it, we tried to keep it secret for so long but she is just too smart for us all:
Haven't you noticed that the majority of recent high school graduates thinks that male-to-male "fisting" is on a moral par with heterosexual missionary-position intercourse ... and should receive the state sanctioning of legal "marriage"? Do you really want to help fund the gay clubs in our high schools, which lead our children to the GLSEN conference, which handed out the Little Black Book and told them to consider sex-change operations???
YES, all us homosexuals want is to give all the children of Massachusetts sex-change operations. That's the reason why we wanted same-sex marriage, so we can be all the same sex AND marry, SHE FIGURED IT OUT! I thought she was just a mean cranky illogical bigot, BOY, was I wrong!

And where did she find our survey of high school students that rated fisting as the #1 activity for sexually active adults? (#2 was dressing up like Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Margaret Marshall and burning the constitution) Darn, those researchers at MIT give EVERYTHING away!

It's good to see that Ms. Massresistance isn't all sour and frigid. She did "extend" hugs and kisses to some Republicans:
MassResistance sends a special THANK YOU, hugs, and kisses (though we don't want to sound too "gay") to our Republicans (not-in-name-only) friends in the House: Reps. Jones, Peterson, deMacedo, Evangelidis, Gifford, Hargraves, Loscocco, Perry, Poirier, Polito, Pope, Smola, and Webster. (And let's hope that these Republicans didn't stick with the Governor from purely fiscally conservative motives!)
Although, she's terribly, terribly mad at those nasty Democrats, those same delusional Democrats who are sponsors of the bill to remove the "rogue" four SJC judges that Article 8 wrote. They apparently they didn't drink the kool aid Article 8 was handing out because they weren't the right lemmings.

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