Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Child Abuse of ANY Kind is Not Something to Casually Banter About

Massresistance is now attacking the tourism campaign that Boston and Cambridge are targeting to GLBT tourists. She says:

Do advertisements targeting any other segment of the touring population focus on the sexuality of the inhabitants at the destination? Maybe we should compare this to "sex tourism" in places like Thailand. Is this really so different? Granted, Thailand is known specifically for child prostitution. -- But isn't that where this slippery slope will take us?
First, have you seen the ads for "Sandals"? Before they recently changed its policy, Sandals only allowed heterosexuals to their vacation spots. Or maybe you've seen the ads for the Pocono's heart shaped bathtubs and heterosexual couples' "adult "activities. Finally, maybe you've seen the ads for Disneyworld. Have you EVER seen them have a same sex couples in their commercials? I've seen senior couples, couples with children and opposite sex honeymooners, even a commercial with a child explaining the existence of his little brother (due to the parents "getting together" at a Disney resort). Once again Ms. Massresistance is wrong.

Secondly, a common tactic of the right is to associate homosexuals with child pornography, prostitution or abuse when intelligent individuals know that it is a ridiculous analogy. The "sex tourism" industry of Thailand is ILLEGAL and affects children. NO ONE is Massachusetts is advocating that, at least I haven't heard or seen it (what newspapers do Ms. Massresistance get?). We are talking about adults here. I wish Ms. Massachusetts would get her mind out of the gutter and STOP thinking about sex with children. It's about the protection of children.

If the "gay" tourists are led by our tourism agency to the best "gay" nightclubs in Boston, how long before some of them take the next step? (Activists are already working to lower the age of sexual consent, and decriminalize prostitution. Then who can object to child prostitution, as long as the kid is over 12?... or 11? or 10?)
WHO and WHAT is she talking about? Who are the activists who are for lowering the age of consent? Who is advocating for prostitution? Again this woman is obsessed with sex with children! I mean, she believes that we think "Oh, I'll go to a nightclub tonight, if I don't get lucky, tomorrow, I'm going to hangout at the playground"

This is just ridiculous!


massmarrier said...
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massmarrier said...

Where do they get this stuff – sex with animals, sex with kids? All the stats I've seen are that such abusers are overwhelmingly straight men. Perhaps MassResistance, Article 8 and their sort should ask the tourist bureaus to discourage them from visiting.

It is amusing though for anyone who has traveled with groups of gay and lesbian couples. Invariably well mannered, jolly, considerate, and good tipping sorts in my experience. I suspect that the typical straight family from the Midwest (or Weston for that matter) would be much worse for the zeitgeist and economy of Boston or Cambridge.

Perhaps someone has studied such swamp-brained sorts and can reveal why they are so filthy minded. How they can jump from homosexual to all manner of illegal acts is beyond me too. There's some weird and disgusting stuff running around in those tiny minds.

massmarrier said...

And I can rant some more. I see that Article 8 and MassResistance both hit on the billboard featuring a gay couple. Their craziness is that some companies are sponsoring this push to get gay tourists to spend money here. Brian's site even says this is proof of what he said all along, that once we had same-sex marriage it would be "the green light to push this in your face -- in the schools, government, businesses, and the public square."

Amusingly enough, the villains (for the moment) are the corporate supporters. They are little guys like American Express, Clear Channel Communications, and AVIS. They dare to ask a well-heeled group to visit Boston and leave some money. I'm betting the locals want some of that pushed in their faces.

The only conclusion I can draw is that the anti-gay folks honestly do not realize how much they are continuing to marginalize themselves. They figuratively run over to their corner and scream, "Come here with us to hate and harm homos!" It appears as though they are yelling to a diminishing fan base.