Tuesday, July 12, 2005

That 70's Blog

Well, Ms. Massresistance is once again bringing up the past. In her lastest tirade against everything that is gay or looks gay or might be gay, she attacks the country of Spain, Brian McGrory of the Boston Globe, and finally, she blames the Catholic Church Child abuse sandal on all homosexuals, all in one post. Wow, where does she find the time?

She apparently blames it all on the Gay Rights Platform of 1972. Strangely enough, only the hate mongers from the Right seem to be obsessed with this "platform". I know I never got a copy of it when I came out. It did make me think though....What else happened in 1972....

Kinda brings you back doesn't it? Although, for the life of me, I can't recall anything about "repealing all the laws governing sexual consent". Maybe they were trying to be traditional. You know, what Massresistance is always talking about. Maybe they wanted to go back to the days when 50 year old men married 13 year old girls, you know, traditional marriages, like they always were, the good old days.

Note to Ms. Massresistance: The sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church was done by predator priests. If you care to remember, there were boys and girls abused.

Church records have revealed stories of many other repeat abusers, including priests who traded drugs for sex with minors, fathered children, and physically assaulted their victims. In the case of almost every predator priest, church officials had reports of abusive behavior, but allowed the priests to remain in ministry, documents show. In many cases, accused priests were sent for brief periods of psychological evaluation, then returned to parishes -- where they abused again.

No one believes that just because someone is gay that they are more likely to abuse children. The only thing you present with your continued misinformation about gay people is your own stupidity.

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