Monday, July 18, 2005

O' Canada

An article in Canada's Globe and Mail reports that a majority of Canadians (55 %) surveyed say the next government should let same-sex legislation stand.
Canadians do not want their political leaders to undo historic legislation allowing gays to legally marry in the wake of a pledge from the Conservatives that they would do just that if elected.

Although, just like Article 8 and Massresistance, there are still some people who just don't get it:

Phil Hogan, the president of the Catholic Civil Rights League, a lay organization formed to protect and promote Catholic issues, said recently that the majority of Canadians understand marriage to be the joining of the sexes for the purpose of having and raising children.

His group and others plan to make same-sex marriage an election issue.

"We have indicated throughout this debate that MPs who support this change will be exposed to publicity of that support and they will be held accountable," Mr. Hogan said.

"It seems to us that, for a great number of Canadians, this is of primary importance."

I guess those people weren't surveyed. My guess is that it will be like the Massachusetts election held last year. All the elected officials who supported equal marriage rights were overwhelming elected.

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massmarrier said...

I guess the anti-gay sorts who contend that the only basis for marriage is heterosexual reproduction don't realize how lame that argument is and how much they undercut themselves.

Comments about how gay couples cannot have kids are asinine...unless they don't consider the adopted, surrogate mom and artificially inseminated children of straight couples as humans. From the number of kids married couples have and the brief period in which they have them, we must assume that (gasp) they have sexual relations for pleasure and not for reproduction.

If we figure the number of het couples one or both of whom are infertile or impotent, we can see that at any moment the vast majority of the married are not and cannot reproduce. I suspect that the MassResistance/Article 8/CCL of Maine and their ilk will not demand that they not marry or if married, divorce and recouple in a breeder environment.

Blah, blah. I know they aren't really into the mechanics and reality of reproduction. They just don't want gay folk to have sex or get the rights that come with marriage. They shouldn't pretend.