Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hypocrisy Makes Me Sick

Do you remember those "Close & Play" phonographs? You put the record in, closed it and it played. (I know, I'm showing my age) Anyway, sometimes, the record would skip and you would have to nudge the side of the player (you couldn't get to the needle), then sometimes, you just realize it's not the machine, it's just a broken record:

Article 8 posting about protesters at their "rally" for David Parker on June 5, 2005:
And - of course - a few hapless pro-homosexual activists from Lexington showed up outside the church, and stood out in the heat, to try to intimidate us and silence people from speaking out. That's their common tactic, and it's pretty disgusting. But no one was intimidated! [Note the coat and tie, so they could sneak in.]
Article 8 in yesterday's (July 22, 2005) weekly post about the legislature:
Make no mistake about it. Article 8 pledges: DeLeo will have an opponent in next year's Democratic primary! We'll keep you up to date on this..
Massresistance on June 6, 2005:
Margery Eagan, for some reason hired by the Boston Herald as a columnist, has a curious obsession, or two. First, she seems to be obsessed by the issue of homosexuality.
Massresistance on July 21, 2005:
Don't you see the connection between the homosexual propaganda in our schools and same-sex "marriage"? Haven't you noticed that the majority of recent high school graduates thinks that male-to-male "fisting" is on a moral par with heterosexual missionary-position intercourse ... and should receive the state sanctioning of legal "marriage"? Do you really want to help fund the gay clubs in our high schools, which lead our children to the GLSEN conference, which handed out the Little Black Book and told them to consider sex-change operations???
July 20, 2005:
This Commission is behind the “Gay-Straight Alliance” clubs, “Day of Silence” events, and other twisted homosexual programs aimed at teens … including the event where the “Little Black Book” on homosexual sex acts (like “water sports”) was passed out to kids.
July 19, 2005:
Why? Because they challenge the notion that people are born homosexual, or that people with same-sex attractions can't change. They all minister to homosexuals who are unhappy enough with their lives to at least entertain the idea of leaving the lifestyle; or support those who already have left; or support those who are struggling with same-sex attraction but know in their hearts it's wrong
July 18, 2005:
It's a good question: How the "GLBT community" plans to biologically sustain itself, since they can't naturally reproduce. Maybe the "Bisexuals" will lend a hand? (Is that why they've included the B in GLBT?) We are told that "sexual identity" is fluid for many in the "GLBT community", so maybe they become "Bi" for a few days or months, so they can reproduce? (Though this conflicts with the claim that they're "born that way". ) It's all so confusing!

Ok, this is getting tiring. I think you get the point.

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