Monday, July 25, 2005

Canada: That was SO last week!

Ooh, Massresistance is soooooooo mad because those outdoorsey Canadians approved marriage for same-sex couples by a big margin. She accuses the "homosexual extremists " as the ones who railroaded this country (Today's Agenda: 4 countries down, lots more to go) and for some reason keeps putting marriage in quotes, I guess English must be her second language.
How this could happen? Same way it does in the corrupted Massachusetts legislature. Most legislators don't have the moral fiber to stand up to the temptations of power and prestige, committee appointments, fancy trips, and of course the extra money they somehow get as one of the in-crowd. The other device: push the bill through fast, shutting down normal debate. (Sound familiar?)
My take, the legislators DO have the moral fiber to stand up to bigots like Ms. Massresistance and Article 8. Additionally, she makes no sense (not too much of a surprise), if someone has "power and prestige" then they can do whatever they like regardless of what pressure is put on them.

Lastly, I take note of her last sentence: "push the bill through fast, shutting down normal debate" If I recall, this was anything BUT pushed through fast. Mass Marrier has been following all the news up north which has been going on for a number of years. Likewise, Massachusetts' process takes a number of years. States like Kansas, Louisiana, and Nevada, (more here) have anti-gay constitutional amendments that were pushed through incredibly fast, so fast that debate WAS limited or nonexistent. I guess Ms. Massreistance likes her civil rights slow and her bigotry fast.


Miss Grimke said...

What IS IT with calling Massresistance "she?" Is that supposed to be some sort of a put down? Take it back now OR ELSE all females will think you are a mean sicko. While I am at it I hate that ships are called "she." And I really like ships. I do not like Massresistance, I do not like HIM at all. How does that sound? How does that feel?

Anonymous said...

Er, Boston Bud calls Massresistance "she" because she is a "she": the person who writes Massresistance is in fact female. In an attempt to take the high road (and to create a marked contrast with MR herself, who relishes in pillorying her enemies by name and, when possible, by e-mail link), our gracious hosts at Massresistance Watch have declined to publish Ms. Massresistance's name--though others have done so on other sites.

As Massresistance (and Phyllis Schlafly, Anita Bryant, Ann Coulter, Laura Schlesinger, Sandy Rios, etc.) demonstrate, sadly, hate is not limited to the male of the species.

Anonymous said...

Dear Boston Eye: I share your distate for assigning genders to objects like ships, but also can echo and confirm what Rieux said that the individual hiding anonymously behind Massresistance is a woman (as well can as other readers of the Boston Phoenix). I admire MassresistanceWatch for not disclosing her name. The people on the insane right attack on the personal level. It's refreshing to see someone staying out of the mud!

Miss Grimke said...

Obviously I flamed out in ignorance. Thanks for the enlightment, and Apologies to Boston Bud, who provides a great service.