Friday, July 15, 2005

Coming Soon Last October to a Theatre Near You?

The Agapepress is reporting that come last October, a new movie will be premiering. You may ask yourself: "Is this another Tom Cruise vehicle?" The answer to that question is no (although I haven't seen the movie yet). Apparently a movie with the title I do Exist is being re-released just in time for National Back In The Closet Day, oops, I mean, National Coming Out Day.
The documentary I Do Exist features five former homosexuals who share their testimonies about choosing to leave the homosexual lifestyle. During the week of October 8-15, the video will be shown by groups across the United States that believe homosexuals can change. The film, which conveys the message no one is born a homosexual, premiered last year as a way to counter a "homosexual pride" celebration called National Coming Out Day.
The I Do Exist website lists a number of ringing endorsements of the film:
  • "This is a can't miss resource. The church needs to see this film." - Pastor, Minnesota
  • "The film is very well done. The quality of production is on par with anything I've seen on NOVA or PBS." - Professor, Pennsylvania
  • "I saw it three times and I want to see it again." - Pastor, New Hampshire
  • "The speakers are so articulate. I feel like I know them." - Teacher, Ohio
  • "I can't think of a better resource to demonstrate the process of change." - Ex-gay, Tennesee (the state was spelled wrong on the website)

If you notice, the film premiered last year however AgapePress just got around to writing about it NOW in time for this October. For some reason, all the conservative websites are picking up on this "PR" bulletin and announcing the movie, again.

Do you think Netflix will carry it?

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