Sunday, July 3, 2005

What a surprise *yawn*

Is anyone really surprised that Romney vetoed the increase for suicide and violence prevention programs for gay and lesbian youth? I think not. The man is trying to become President of the United States. The biggest surprise is that he was lenient to sex offenders. Rumors are abound that Dick Cheney will be resigning for "health reasons" and Romney will jump in as VP (you heard it here first). The rumors have included Giuliani, however, the "Christian" right would never allow that and Bush owes the "Christian" Right and the Bush family and the Romney family seem to be loyal to each other.

The most laughable thing about Romney's veto is that Article 8 is hailing it as their victory. They actually believe that their calling the Gov. actually forced bigoted Romney to veto the budget increase.

My suggestion: Article 8 should just pack up and move out of the state to a place that would accept their prejudiced tactics since Article 8 or Mass "Family" Institute had NO influence whatsoever on the past State elections. In fact, Ron Crews (the former leader of MA "Family before his failed attempt for Congress") has already left the state and I hear is in Kentucky. Laurie Letourneau supposedly is in Virginia (There is a GOD). Is Brian Camenker next?

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