Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Massresistance's Continued Obsession with Sex

In another hate column, Massresistance obsesses endlessly about sex, not just homosexual sex, because the things she describes vividly in her post is done by heteros as well as homos. It's quite ironic that she is bitching about an article in Baywindows that talks about how conservatives are obsessed with homosexual sex all the while she too is obsessing about homosexual sex. She says:
We thought there was no such thing as "perverts" in their world, only different "lifestyles", "preferences", and identities". So the whole premise of their faulting anyone else for suspected perversion is ludicrous. Why would they be at all bothered by someone else's "obsessions" or "preferences"? We thought their philosophy was "anything goes".

No, Ms. Massresistance, I think you are confused. You are the one who feels the need to label people and use the terms: lifestyles and preferences. You are also the one pushing the "Little Black Book" on your website and Article 8's website (and again, you go into detail about various sex acts, don't you every stop? how can I protect my children from finding the filth which you and Article 8 post on your website, I thought you cared about the children?)

And yes, there is an index of homophobia scale, and you rate the highest, right along side Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church.

In her whole tirade she seems to leave out a little bit from the Baywindows article:
But the best example of this research fetish involving gay sex comes from Wade Richards, a former ex-gay who once worked with Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute. Recalling his first meeting with LaBarbera, Richards says he met him at his offices and asked for a tour. LaBarbera took him to a room that was "filled with gay porn." It also had two "leather daddy" outfits on the wall customized with hidden cameras so when LaBarbera wore them undercover at gay S&M events, he could snap photos unnoticed.

I can recall a roundup of a "wife swapping" group not too long ago in Central Massachusetts and have seen numerous ads for ladies of the evening looking for straight men for "outcalls only". Massresistance seems to ignore these.

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