Sunday, July 3, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Vermont's Same-Sex Couples

It was 5 years ago on July 1, 2000 that Vermont started issuing civil unions to same sex couples. While civil unions are better than no protection at all, it is still not marriage. I think the numbers speak for themselves:

In the first five years of Vermont's law, 7,549 couples have joined in civil unions, all but 1,137 of them from out of state. Roughly two-thirds have been women. There have been 78 dissolutions.
So only about 1% of all the unions have ended. That's much better than our heterosexual counterparts who have about a 50% dissolution rate. I think I've found the biggest threat to traditional marriage: allowing gays and lesbians to marry would decrease the divorce rate and embarrass the heterosexuals who have been doing it wrong all this time.

See! Gay people do everything better!

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