Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hero of the Week: James Eisenberg

Brian Camenker over at Article 8 is absolutely livid! It appears that someone at the State House finally gave it to him "straight". James Eisenberg, chief of staff of Rep. Robert DeLeo as retold by Camenker:

He said he lived in the same town I do, and he knew about me, and my activities on these issues. So what does he think about that, I asked him. You people act as if you're "under siege," he told me.

...So there you have it. Whatever Rep. Robert DeLeo once was - pro-life, pro-family - this is the person he's chosen to have as his chief of staff. A man who has no trouble with the state funding a book about people urinating on each other for sexual pleasure.

And Eisenberg's not at all alone. From what we've been told, he's more the rule than the exception among Legislative staff on Beacon Hill. This is absolutely beyond belief, but in 2005 this is what is actually happening, the force behind our legal process.

This is why the we all have to do the hard work of taking back control of our government. That's what Article 8 Alliance is dedicated to. That's why we're here. (Maybe they'll have as much success as they did last many Reps and Senators did they help get elected?)

It's about time someone finally stood up to the hate speech Article 8 is spewing. I only wish I was there to hear it. It is too funny to hear Camenker say "he has letter by a physician that describes in detail the massive mis-information in the "Little Black Book". Does Camenker think he's in grade school with a note from the his Dr? (They are constantly dragging that Little Black Book around. They loved it so much they scanned in every lurid page and put it up on their website. Betcha more kids are seeing it now then they ever did in print!)

Don't forget to call Rep. DeLeo's office and thank him for standing up for ALL the families in Massachusetts and to override Governor Romney's veto of these cuts. The anti-gay, anti-family groups have been calling so they need to hear from us.

Rep. Robert A. DeLeo
Chairman, House Ways & Means Committee
Room 243, State House
Phone: 617-722-2990 Fax: 617-626-0299

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