Thursday, July 28, 2005

Father Forgive them...But They Know What They Do.

This is sort of old news. Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec City told Canada's Senate during hearings on a proposed gay marriage law that if the law passes, the Catholic Church will not baptize the children of same-sex couples. So the Catholic church is now turning away children from the church. Jesus would be so proud.

These "men", who argue that life begins at conception and say that all life is precious, are now slamming the church's doors on these little faces. The Advocate writes:

The child of a drug addict can be baptized. The child of a murderer an be baptized. Even the illegitimate child of a fornicating priest can be baptized (and if you've studied Catholic history, you know many children of wayward clergy grew up to be cardinals and even popes).

All these children are considered worthy before God. The only exception Cardinal Ouellet and his church would make, based on the circumstance of their birth alone, is the child of a same-sex couple who have made a legal life commitment to one another.

I cannot imagine the hatred that lives in the hearts of these "men of God". Of course I still remember when the four Cardinals of Massachusetts got together to hold a press conference to denounce the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's decision on same sex marriages. These four men NEVER got together to denounce orapologizee for the worst child sexual abuse scandal in history. In fact one the Cardinals, Dupre, resigned from his position not long after the press conference. He resigned for "health reasons" however it was then reported that he had molested children decades earlier.

I wish I could be there when Jesus calls upon them: "You turned away children from my church because their parents loved each other and proclaimed their commitment to each other in front of witnesses?!"

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Tony M said...

Look at all the God defying things the catholic church does !!!

Why would you want your children to be a part of it anyway???

I used to be a catholic but I guess I came to my senses :-)