Monday, July 4, 2005

Wait 2 Hours After Eating

Sometimes I need to remind myself not to read Massresistance right after eating because it makes me want to vomit. Case in point: Sunday's hate fest. Ms Massresistance brings up Brian Camenker's nasty and shameful 'guest commentary' from the Lexington Minuteman two weeks ago, you remember, the one in which he says "other people are trying to intimidate him and Article 8 through letters and rallies, etc...." and we know that Article 8 never does any of these things.

She tries to drag the rest of Americans down to her level with her prejudicial views:
Ms. Cyr, think about this: Most Americans (including most of those who object to homosexual behavior) would say that what homosexuals do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business. At the same time, most Americans still believe that not only is homosexual behavior objectionable morally, it is against nature, it is perverted, and it is a grave concern for the public health.

Ms. Anonymous homophobe Massresistance poster, think about this: where is your unbiased polling or surveys which attests to these facts you present? How about this poll? You fail to mention that the majority of citizens in Massachusetts favor allowing same sex couples the same rights and responsibilities as opposite sex couples.

She goes on further:
But when homosexuals push their behavior in our faces, promote it, and demand societal approval, it's an altogether different thing. That's the problem now: homosexuals' sexuality is no longer a private matter.
What a joke! The crazy wackos on the right and the extreme right are the ones who are responsible for gay marriages. We didn't pick this fight, they did. They are the ones who used it as a wedge issue in the past election. They are the ones who want to take away the rights of thousands of Americans. History will not be kind to Mr. Camenker, Ms. Massresistance (I wonder if that's why she's so anonymous?) Fred Phelps and the other Jerry Fawell's of this world.

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Ms MassResistance likes to remain anonymous because she is a slimy,little weasel who is afraid of getting into a debate. She likes to throw her bricks and run away. This comment is from a straight who has 4 daughters who have been taught (at home not school) to welcome diversity and not tolerate bigotry of any form. I have been reading the crap put out by her, Camenker, Crews, and of course the Pawlicks for a couple of years now and they make my skin crawl. Nice Blog - keep it up.