Thursday, October 13, 2005

2 More Days Until the Vote to Remove the Judges?

Ms. Massresistance's current post got me thinking. In it she talks about how the "definition of marriage" shouldn't be up for a vote and how she and I guess Article 8 really believe that the 4 judges should be removed instead (how that will reserve the Goodrich decision is beyond me). Massnews was even counting down the days until the legislature would vote on removing the judges which is the biggest concern of the Article 8 group. I believe we should be at "2 more days" however, Massnews stopped counting.

It got me thinking because if this anti-gay amendment goes to the voters what then? What will happen when the voters finally decide that "No, same sex marriages have no affect on my marriage" or "Same sex couple are entitled to protections under the law". Do we honestly believe that these so-called family organizations will stop their crusade? I don't think so. They have their eyes on the U.S. Constitution which seems to be their last hope to discriminate against gay people.

What will happen when they "Let the People Vote" and the people say NO we don't want discrimination in our constitution?


Anonymous said...

I guess Article 8 really believe that the 4 judges should be removed instead (how that will reverse the Goodridge decision is beyond me).

It won't. Article 8 is a bunch of idiots.

The only way Goodridge can be overturned is for the Supreme Judicial Court to decide to do that themselves. Knocking off justices doesn't reverse Goodridge.

Ms. MR and Article 8's "solution" also involves the Legislature passing (1) a law that limits marriage to straight couples and (2) one that invalidates all of the gay marriages performed since May 2004. But because Goodridge still stands, those laws are unconstitutional. Again--they're idiots.

Every halfway competent law student knows all of this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Article 8 and MassNews before them never made any sense. This group is not the smartest group around. Ed Pawlick who is supposed to be a lawyer has been rambling in his MassNews articles like someone bordering on senility. Camenker and his sidekick Contrada say anything that comes to their mind whether its the truth or not. I will bet a weeks pay that the whole Article 8 and MassNews group doesn't consist of more than a couple of dozen people with the big 3, Camenker, Contrada, and Pawlick doing all the "writing". I think this is why the Massachusetts Family Institute no long mentions them. They are trying to distance themselves from the mental cases at MassNews and Article "hate".

massmarrier said...

Unfortunately, I suspect that you are right about the anti-gay and anti-same-sex marriage folk continuing after defeat. They are the old dog worrying that smelly, beaten up sock. It's what they do.

The good part is that more people are tired of it, more people see that same-sex marriage is neither an evil nor has it changed their life in the slightest, and more people are beginning to ask why special-interest groups expect to legislate their religious beliefs into law. It is a bit embarrassing that Canada, Spain and other countries are showing how on this issue they love freedom more than we as a nation.

It looks like we're getting there, just straggling.