Saturday, October 22, 2005

MWF seeks Gay Happenings.

Ms. Massresistance is back to the future now. Apparently she is done (for the time being) ranting about happenings that took place a while ago. I addressed this sometime ago when she was reliving the 70's so I will try not to relive the past!

Well, she's back and she's badder than ever AND she's reading the Improper Bostonian, only the gay "happenings section" though as it appears from her post. Once again I find out something from Massresistance I didn't know anywhere else, that the Improper Bostonian has a large gay listing service. Thank you Improper Bostonian! Could it be that the Improper Bostonian will be next on Article 8 and Massresistance's Banned Newspaper list (well, they tried to do it to BayWindows AND the Boston Phoenix)

I just hope they don't attack the newest cable station to be added to the Comcast lineup, LOGO.

For the first time ever, Gay America has a home on television where we can go to see ourselves. On Logo you will see more than 200 lesbian and gay films, an ongoing documentary series, newscasts tailored for a gay and lesbian audience and quality original shows and specials. Programming that reflects our lives. Programming that tells our stories.
And it's FABULOUS! If you're in Boston its on channel 281. While I do hate commercials, I do like to see who advertises on LOGO since they are supporting our community. Do check them out.

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