Monday, October 10, 2005

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Sorry it has been awhile since last I posted, however, my husband (notice I didn't use "quotes" around it because we are legally married) and I took my Dad on vacation. Since my Mom passed away two years ago, we've been trying to make new happy memories for him.

Being around him really makes me miss my Mom. You see, they had been together for 47 years, next year would have been their 50th anniversary. What makes me miss my Mom more being around him is because they were such "a couple". They had done everything together. When my Mom had breast cancer my Dad was right there in the hospital when they found out the results (no he didn't serve her divorce papers like Newt G.). Literally the following week my Dad had a heart attack and my mother was right there by his beside fresh from her surgery. They did almost everything together. In the last days of my Mom's life my Dad sat by her bedside everyday and was with her when she took her last breath.

So it's clear to us that even after two years, my Dad still seems like he's missing a part of him. Unfortunately, this is part of marriage. When the one you love is gone, a part of you is gone also. Luckily, you still have your memories.

Day in and day out I treasure the memories we (my husband and I) are creating. Sometimes it is all too overwhelming, trying to refute the lies and propaganda the anti-gay forces are throwing at us. While they can try to take away our marriage and the future marriages of loving couples, they can never take away our memories.

The hate they spew forth is very ugly. Thankfully, I have a beautiful loving relationship with the man I love. He was with me and my Dad at my Mom's bedside. He was my strength (as well as my family's) as the final arrangements were made. My Mom loved Patrick very much and while she left this earth before we were allowed to marry, she would have enjoyed our wedding. I know she's watching over us and very proud. Families are important, ALL families.


Anonymous said...

That's what the haters on the right cannot see, a family. All they see is hatred of anything different. They talk about "religious freedom" and all they want to do is force their beliefs on others. They cannot be allowed to win or this country will loose everything that has made it great.

Mass Marrier said...

Well, on a personal note, your marriage is what changes minds, particularly swaying the confused. A loving commitment is what a marriage should be about and unfortunately too many straight couples lost it or never had it. Seeing you two as a functional, loving couple can only serve as an example and strengthen marriage. Good on ya.