Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What's My Line?

Call me crazy, but I love it when they attack their own. What I mean by this is Ms. Massresistance is attacking the Mass "Family" Institute because an immigrant law student intern was used to research and make strategic recommendations for the anti-gay group. Apparently, the intern was funded by the Alliance Defense Fund (Are we surprised that they need to get funding from people outside of our state to get the signatures AND do the legal work?)

One other funny part of the whole mess is on one of the pages at the Voteonmarriage.org website. They have a link for pastors to "preach on the sanctity of marriage" and they give sample sermons.

God's Design for Marriage and Family
Standing Up for Truth and Justice for Children
Taking a Stand for Marriage
The Safety of Natural Order
Well, I guess when you have all the intelligent pastors refusing to preach hate from the pulpit you have to help the less-intelligent ones by providing them with scripts. Again, the Mass "Family" Institute needs the help of the Alliance Defense Fund to advise churches on the legality of collecting signatures. And just look at the topics for sermons, The Safety of Natural Order? Isn't that what they said about blacks marrying whites? I guess they don't want to stand up for the truth and justice of children of same sex couples either.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I loved the fixation on the immigrant angle. Only pure, 100% Grade A U.S. Prime homophobes are good enough for Ms. Massresistance.