Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Change?! Isn't It Enough I Change My Underwear Everyday?

You know it's a good sign when the anti-gay folk start quoting from "NARTH". NARTH stands for National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality. Ex-Gay Watch has been covering these wackos for a long time. In addition, a group in Minnesota has posted a fact sheet about these kinds of people who "claim" to convert gay people. You can read a little bit more about how loony NARTH is here.
Groups like NARTH (the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) say they are putting science to work in studying homosexuality and evaluating "treatments" for it. In fact, NARTH releases few detailed study results, none for peer review, and its public statements are frequently tainted by political and religious biases. For these reasons, NARTH has little credibility among mainstream therapists.
People like Article 8 and Massresistance are hell bent on getting the public to believe that gay and lesbian people are disordered. The fact that gays and lesbians live productive and happy lives, get elected to positions of power, raise children and can get married must really drive them crazy. So much so that it has come to my attention that Massresistance is taking to the airwaves! Sad, but true, well at least true by Article 8 standards. Here's the announcement from Article 8's email:

=== 2. GET THIS: MassResistance Weekly Radio Show debuts this weekend!! (Show will air twice each weekend.) ===
You say you want more in-depth coverage of what's going on? What you can do? Who's doing what? The resistance movement in Massachusetts?
Well, starting this weekend you'll get it -- and more! You can tune in to WTTT AM 1150 twice each weekend for an hour of information you definitely won't get from the rest of the media.

As you know, during the week WTTT broadcasts a full line of national talk, including Bill Bennett, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, Michael Reagan, and others. This will represent their coverage of local issues!

The show will be taped on Friday, and broadcast Saturday morning and again Sunday evening. The exact times will be announced later this week (so watch the emails and website) but it will probably be 9:00 am on Saturday and probably at 7:00 pm on Sunday.

This should be exciting!

Of course, they are going to tape the show. Lord knows they wouldn't be able to handle people calling in and refuting their lies. I guess the radio show will be just like the blog. As much as they are crying out about being "silenced" they have no desire to have a real discussion of what they profess.

I have another link to a man Ms. Massresistance has written in the past about. This ex-gay man and his "wife" are hosting a radio show (wow! it must be contagious!) called "Straight Talk Radio" and it starts on Halloween, talk about scary! It's described as:
She's the woman that stole his heart. He's the former homosexual man. Now married and on a mission...they're out to set the record straight.
You've GOT to see their website and her hair! It's Christian Radio with an edge! Hat tip to Ex-Gay Watch for their continued coverage of these freaks.

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