Monday, October 17, 2005

Still Out From Under the Rock...

Well, many readers have been wondering "Where is David Parker?" "Why hasn't Article 8 posted any new news on Parker?" or "Is Mad Dad still Mad?". Don't fret dear readers, Mad Dad is still around. He is supposed to be going to court this Thursday. Tonight he is appearing at an Article 8 fundraiser in Marlborough, MA. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall at that "event".

Additionally, ABCnews was around Lexington getting some footage and doing some interviews. Article 8 reports on this in one of their weekly emails:

=== 3. David Parker (and Brian Camenker) on national ABC Evening News this week - before Thursday - see Article 8 website. ===
As we mentioned in our last email, the horrific
David Parker incident has shocked people across the country. Last week, the ABC Evening News came and filmed David Parker, Article 8 President Brian Camenker, Lexington Superintendent Paul Ash and of course, a local homosexual activist.

When will it be on? On Friday, the producer told us that it will definitely be on BEFORE this Thursday -- the date of the start of Parker's trial. So that means Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. We'll be in touch with ABC News every day to find out -- and as soon as we know we'll post it on

Can you see the producer at ABCnews banging his head against the wall at these people. "HE'S CALLING ME AGAIN!" I can't wait to see (if they ever air it) how they come off. If you've ever seen their bit on Foxnews, they are hilarious! It seems its all about getting on TV before his next scheduled court date.

Note: I guess it also doesn't matter to the readers of Article 8's updates that the "homosexual activist" is actually a heterosexual woman, but then again, do they really care about the truth?

I also got an interesting email from a reader who sent me this interesting post on David Parker. It's a funny read.

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Anonymous said...

So... did anything ever happen on that vote to remove the judges they were all crowing about? Any new stories anywhere? I'm assuming it didn't pass cause that would have made headlines.