Saturday, October 22, 2005

What Would Jesus Do?

Well, well, well, the Boston Catholic archdiocese has allowed 13 foster children to be adopted by same sex parents because they HAD to, or so the president of the Catholic Charities says:
"If we could design the system ourselves, we would not participate in adoptions to gay couples, but we can't," the Rev. J. Bryan Hehir, the agency's president, told The Boston Globe in Saturday's editions. "We have to balance various goods."
Yet the next paragraph says:
The 13 adoptions -- a small fraction of the 720 placed by Catholic Charities in that period -- took place as part of a contract with the state Department of Social Services. The children placed with gay couples are among the most difficult to place, either because they are older or have physical or emotional problems. between the lines. The Catholic Church would love to place all the children in pure heterosexual homes, however, apparently these pure heterosexual homes don't want children who are not perfect. So... the Catholic Church would rather have these "imperfect children" stay in foster homes rather than be placed in loving same sex family households, I mean they are only doing it because they have to. Jesus would be so proud!

The one bright spot in the article:

Hehir's viewpoint is not shared by all at Catholic Charities, however. Peter Meade, who is chairman of the board, told the Globe that the agency should be accepting same-sex couples who are willing to take in needy children.

"What we do is facilitate adoptions to loving couples," Meade said. "I see no evidence
that any child is being harmed."

So the laypeople get it, it's just the men in the Red Robes, you know, the ones who shuttled the pedophiles from church to church to new batches of children and then hid all the documentation who don't. They continue to hurt children.

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