Monday, October 24, 2005

Who's Lying Now?

When the whole "David Parker Incident" happened one of the lingering questions was "How is David Parker connected to Article 8?" Article 8 was there at the school when Mad Dad was arrested, followed him to the police station (even took pictures of him) and then was at the court that morning. Brian Camenker appeared on FoxNews with Mad Dad and even organized the rallies at the court house and the Lexington Green. So how was Parker associated with Article 8?
I wrote this is June:
Amazingly, David Parker is still saying that he isn't in cahoots with Article 8 even though Article 8 sponsored the rally, he appeared on Fox News with Brian Camenker, called Article 8 when he was ready to be arrested by the Lexington Police and Article 8 has all the emails and correspondence that David Parker exchanged with the Lexington School System. (Is it me or does it seem like David Parker doesn't do anything without Brian Camenker/Article 8?)
BTW, the spin from the anti-gay side is that the state considers Parker innocent because they are not proceeding with the case. (I'm sure Parker's lawyer's defense was to keep putting it off running up costs to the DA's office) However, if Parker acts up just one more time in a year...well...we'll see.... Anyhow, just days after all of this occurs look what the Agape Press
Brian Camenker of the pro-family activist group Article 8 Alliance, a supporter and spokesman for Parker, says although the Lexington parent agreed to pre-trial probation, this outcome represents a caving in on the part of the District Attorney.
Hmm...who was it on David Parker's side (including himself) who said they weren't being represented by Article 8?


Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought Mad Dad and Whispering Jeff (his lawyer) were going to be on Bill O'Reilly's fair and balanced TV show? What gives?

Boston Bud said...

I guess they were "bumped" by live sex shows in Oregon. Fox News has to give its viewer what they really want.