Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Horrified, Shocked and Embarrassed...Not

Well, Ms. Massresistance got me. She outted me. She posted a profile which apparently, I have on AOL. Again, I have to thank her for telling me something I didn't know about or didn't think I still had:

Name: Chip, 34
Location: Boston, South End
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Very Single, looking for fun
Hobbies & Interests: safety boy here, no attitude
Favorite Gadgets: 6' 195, br/br 46 c 34w, goatee
Occupation: it pays the bills

As you can see from the profile that she lists, it gives my age at 34! How I wish! I haven't been 34 is quite a few years (let's say more than 5 but less than 10). Honestly, I could care less about her personal attack (AOL chattrooms were SO early 90's!) and more embarrassed at her pathetic research skills. Anyone with an AOL account could have obtained that information in May when I started this blog. I have nothing to hide and when I wrote it I WAS a SINGLE red blooded American male. Does she think I'm the 60 something virgin nominated for the US Supreme Court? Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself, let me step back. She starts off the post with:
What does this tell you about where the anonymous author is coming from? While he professes to be happily "married" to his "husband" Patrick, and to lead a homebody existence, his AOL profile seems to conflict with this.
As you readers can attest, the day I started this Blog I have always allowed comments AND I have provided an email address (more than I can say for her). I am happily married and I do have a husband, no quotes. However, my real name is SpongeBob Square Pants and my husband IS Patrick the starfish (he's not just my friend). I'm also the one the American Family Association warned you about.

Seriously, a few days ago Ms. Massresistance posted a rant about how she and her ilk are being "silenced in their communities". Its quite ironic that this same woman accused the "Left" of taking the following tactic:
If you can't prove the speaker's points are wrong or invalid, attack him personally. Also, accuse him of doing exactly what you are doing....
I rest my case. Oh and it case I've never been clear enough, sorry guys, I'm taken.


Anonymous said...

The truth is Miss MassResistance is a coward who hides behind her blog. It amazes me that most of the homophobic website have no means available on their website for people to contact them other than to "join" or "donate". They have no desire to debate anyone.

Anonymous said...

Well, news on the Article 8 "hot line" says that Massresistance is supposed to have a radio program. Can you imagaine it? She will have to out herself on the radio. Its easy to hide behind a keyboard but she'll have to announce who she is (I'm sure their are FCC about this too)