Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mad Dad Admits Nothing

Well, it seems like the State will not pursue the case against David Parker. His lawyer said in the Globe today that the State "does not want to go forward with this". Of course, when you know you're guilty blame it on the other side. Mass Marrier has covered how Parker, supposedly doing a "proud thing" by standing up to the school now refuses to take any responsibility for his actions.
Mad Dad Clucks Again
Itty-Boo, Mr. Parker
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You'd think he'd want to be heard in court however he has supposedly reached some kind of deal with the State. We shall see.

Also, if you didn't catch it, Parker was on ABCnews last night. Filler/fluff piece. It's also covered on the ABCnews website. IMHO, Parker does come off as a doofus even showing his child on camera (so much for wanted to shield he's child from the controversy) Brian Camenker put in his cameo spot too. It was a good showing from Lexington Cares who had a very credible spokesperson deliver the most coherent address in the piece. Lexington Cares now has a website. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Both Camenker and Parker need to go on SERIOUS diets and start exercising...they're both tubbo whales. Maybe it was just the camera adding about 50 lbs :)

Camenker could also use a face peel, an ugly face like that could stop a train. Maybe that's why he's such a vicious homophobe...he was never able to get any of the other boys to play with his willy :)

Anonymous said...

That's gross. Shows what's on your mind....

Anonymous said...

Oh man, did you see Ms. Massresistance's cool, awesome, bangin' blog today? She reveals how "hep" she is to the jargon of todays cool cats in her post about Lexington's coming out day... nothing says you're one "with it" lady than tossing out rockin' slang like "cool, awesome, bangin' !" Now that's keepin' it real!

Anonymous said...

Quote from the L.A. Times:
"Real respect, real tolerance, is not pushing your beliefs on other people," Parker said.

Hey, Mad Dad! Just listen to yourself. You're making our point.

Anonymous said...

From the L.A. Times:

Because their dispute became public, the Parkers said they felt they had to tell their older son about homosexuality much earlier than they would have liked. They told him he should never make fun of anyone. But they made clear that they believed a family with two moms or two dads was wrong.

They say they will keep fighting to make sure that's the only message their son hears.

Thank the Town of Lexington, it's wonderful, welcoming public schools, and their dedicated, generous teachers that this is a message [son's name] Parker will NEVER hear in a classroom.

This is the real deal, Mad Dad. You will have to teach your brand of "tolerance" at home.